The Meaning Of Life: The Question That Cannot Be Avoided

Laitman_109Question: Why do you popularize the spreading of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: As a result of our development, we are beginning to ask about the meaning of life, about its purpose, and about the nature of suffering. So, we must give the common man, far from attaining the meaning of life and the nature of the suffering, the possibility of knowing about this. This is because the depression, sadness, and lack of understanding of the purpose of existence appearing in our time brings aggression, violence, hatred, and wars. We see how peoples and nations clash in a mad, wild “sword dance,” and all of this is because they don’t understand the meaning of life.

Look at what is happening in politics, in the economy, everywhere and in everything! Ignorance and stupidity—people puff themselves up like turkeys, harming others and annihilating each other. Today, many internally ask this question, but don’t express it out loud. Subconsciously, it presses down on them. They would like to find the answer to it, but they cannot, and so it depresses them even more. Instead, they begin to occupy themselves in “games” with bombs, airplanes, terrorism, etc, which end in terrible events, especially these days.

So, we must invest maximum effort so that people will understand how and what is truly carried within the question about the meaning of life, the meaning of the universe, the meaning of our existence here and in other states.

We must make it possible for our people to become the people of Israel, meaning that they yearn for a goal, because they don’t have the right to hide from their destiny. They are obliged to discover the characteristics, foundations, and qualities that exist in them, and thus save humanity from great suffering that would otherwise await us on the way of development.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/1/15

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