Is There Meaning To Our Lives?

Laitman_003.jpgComment: In an article by Andrei Koroptov, “Meaningful Herpes,” the author shares his point of view about the meaning of life: “It is not as I thought about the meaning of life, that there is some kind of sacred intimacy, which is forbidden to mention in vain. No, it is precisely the opposite: I am absolutely sure that there is no meaning to life.”

Answer: It seems that the author of the article is trying to evade the question about the meaning of life and therefore rejects it. He apparently calls upon us simply to live in security and comfort in a “special state of a proteinaceous material” called “life,” and that’s it. The longer that this protein lives, we exist, and nothing more. This is an absolutely realistic view of our world. But the idea that I disagree with is not only the inner feeling of a person, his need for awareness and attainment of the meaning of life, but also the general concept of material existence itself. For it is precisely in these protein states that the question about the meaning of life appears.

Why is there such a question? We exist with desires that are above the beastly states, and specifically in these more sublime desires, we see our essential existence. This is so much so that a person is ready to be separated from his bestial existence if he is somehow convinced that there is nothing outside of it. So even the meaning of the beastly life is lost for him. Second, without a doubt there is meaning in nature. We cannot deny this since we are part of nature, and even though we are not aware of ourselves and nature at all, still our observations tell us that all of evolution has a strong internal logical basis that drives everything.

Today both physicists and chemists agree with this. And religion has nothing to do with it. I am talking from the point of view of pure science: We cannot deny that there is a plan of development to nature according to which we exist within a particular process. This process gradually brings us to the appearance of questions about the next state. And this is gradually revealed.

So, on one hand, it is possible to say that there is no meaning to life. But then it is necessary to point out this conclusion is based on our current state. It is impossible to say that there is absolutely no meaning in nature, it is just that now it is understood like this by us. What will happen to each one of us in another few minutes or with humanity in another few generations, we don’t know. So I would not claim without any basis that there is no meaning to life. You just need to understand it better.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 5/27/15

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