Curing The Harmful Desires

Laitman_631_1The Torah, “Numbers” 5:1 – 5:2: And the Lord spoke to Moses saying: Command the children of Israel, to banish from the camp all those afflicted with tzara’ath or with a male discharge, and all those unclean through [contact with] the dead.

The attributes called leper and unclean by the dead exist in every person. It refers to the ego that is not corrected yet. In order to correct it we need to accurately separate the useless parts, the lowly and egotistically infected parts, from the desires that have already been cured with the intention of in order to love and bestowal, for the sake of the right and good connection. This kind of work is done on every level. The moment a certain step forward is fulfilled in the preparation for the ascent to the level of the land of Israel, the level of complete bestowal and of a total connection of mutual love between everyone, different actions should immediately be performed in order to clarify and gather what is missing.

If I am assigned to classify, clean, and choose certain items, for example, I do it without glasses the first time, then with weak glasses, and then with even stronger lenses and with the right light, etc. This means that each time the resolution is higher. It is as if we examine these attributes but under an increasingly stronger magnifying glass. When we classify we clarify whether these attributes are actually harmful and to what extent. What is more, we can correct them only when we separate them from other attributes, outside the camp. But on the whole, the whole generation that advances from Mt. Sinai to the land of Israel dies, and a new generation enters this land, which means that the ego disappears completely and the nation enters the land of Israel as if it is reborn.

Question: Where do the uncorrected attributes go?

Answer: Beyond the boundaries of the desires that participate in the ascent to the level of the land of Israel. They have to die, which means that they have to be totally changed and fully corrected. Death in spirituality means purification. We have to think about how to distinguish the impure desire and attributes inside me and not use them. Taking them out of the camp is a way of putting them to death. They don’t need to receive any Light.

The problem is that when egoistic desires are among the right desires and intentions they receive the Light from them and cling to them. Why do we remove a tumor, for example? It is because it sucks the powers from the body and is nourished by the healthy organs, living at their expense. But if it is removed, it dies because of lack of nourishment. Therefore, when the egoistic intention dies the desires are rehabilitated and cured; they undergo correction and join the healthy body. At the same time, nothing disappears. The desires remain and only the intention changes: altruistic intentions appear instead of the egoistic intentions.

Question: Is this how a leper becomes pure?

Answer: A leper is a desire that is used incorrectly, for one’s own sake. But if you cut the intention for the sake of one’s self off it, and change it with the help of the Upper Light into the intention for the sake of the Creator, this desire is cured.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/21/15

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