Anti-Semitism Is On The Way To Heaven

400Comment: The Islamic State is full of anger and resentment toward the Jews. As we all know Iran is planning to destroy the state of Israel in 20 years. According to surveys 83%-53% of the Muslim population living in the Middle East is hostile toward the Jews, but surprisingly even 65%-75% of Christians in the Middle East don’t like the Jews.

Scientists have begun to explore this phenomenon and have reached the conclusion that the myths about ritual killing were basically foreign to Islam. The Islamic world did not treat the Jews as sorcerers or blood drinkers.

But there was a shift in their views at a certain point, and the researchers say anti-Semitism as experts say, when anti-Semitism came from a completely different world—from Europe, and enveloped the whole world. Therefore the percentage of Christians who hate the Jews was quite shocking for all those who believed that only the Muslims basically hate the Jews.

Answer: If any person examines himself, deep down he will discover that he hates the Jews. It doesn’t depend on him. Hating Jews and feeling they are opposite from you is a law of nature. The fact is that Jews in their root are opposite from the nature of this world, as though they are completely different like aliens from another planet.

And this is indeed the case. I understand this perspective because the nature of the nations of the world in their basis is opposite from the nature of the Jews. After all, the nature of the Jews is based on the attribute of bestowal and love of others, while the nature of the nations of the world is based on egoism. These are two polar states.

This went on until about 2,000 years ago when the Jews fell from the state of love of others to hatred and began to mix with the other nations. But the nations of the world still have that sense. It exists in them and they feel that there is something different about the Jews, a different world view, a different perspective, a different approach, a different attitude, a different way of seeing life.

Question: Is this true even though the Jews mixed with the other nations?

Answer: It makes no difference! It has not disappeared. Everything that the anti-Semites say comes from their soul. They actually feel it! There is nothing we can do about it! But the Jews don’t understand that since they have lost their spiritual root and today seem like everyone else. But in fact it isn’t so, the point of unity is alive inside them and the nations of the world feel that there is something in the Jews that they don’t have. This is where in addition to the hatred they feel, they also feel envy, competition, etc.

There is only one solution. The Jews have to reunite to fulfill what is called the point in their heart, which means the yearning for unity, and to show the nations of the world the method of unity. Then all the nations will understand what the Jews exist for, will begin to justify their existence, and will be ready to accept this method from them. Then the whole world will also unite as the prophets said.

Thus our world will complete this level of its existence, since it will ascend to total unity from which we will begin to feel the next level of creation called the upper world. Everything we see here on this planet, everything on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature doesn’t exist! There is only one force in which we exist, the force of unity, the force of eternal infinite love. Thus we all ascend to the level of heaven.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/5/16

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  1. Rav , why if I am not Jewish do I feel love for Jewish people more than other nations ? Why do I feel the opposite to what people usually feel towards Jews ?

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