Extraterrestrial Civilizations On The Planet Earth, Part 2

Laitman_707An animal lives according to its nature and doesn’t change. It obeys instincts embedded in its cells and chromosomes, and executes them automatically. An animal doesn’t develop itself or the environment but only realizes its internal program.

However, humans are creatures that have a developing program within them. We came from the animate degree as apes, and apes evolved into humans. By the way, Kabbalistic books spoke about this thousands of years before Darwin’s theory.

Humans differ from the apes radically, in other words, our development is qualitatively new. There is a force within us called the Creator that creates a new creation from us. This force lives within us and develops us.

There is no such force of development in any other level. Inanimate matter doesn’t change at all. Plants change slightly depending on the time of year. Animals multiply and develop slightly, but only according to their internal program, while a human develops through the development of this program itself!

After all, a human develops continuously. He is completely new from one year to another. Every generation is like a new humanity. How is it possible to compare the human who lived a thousand years ago with the one of today? Modern people have a different culture, education, view of the world, perception of reality, mutual relations, and environment. Where did such changes come from? It is from the hidden force within us called the Creator.

This force unconditionally created plants from inanimate matter, the animal from the plant, and people from animals. The same force now acts in us all the time, revealing its development in us. Otherwise, even today, we would have been the same as we were 10,000 to 100,000 years ago.

But we are not the same; we are completely different people. Perhaps we haven’t changed much externally, but internally we are very different from the primitive people in our perception of reality and understanding. The force that is called the new creation is constantly updated in us, and this makes us more special than all of the others.

Therefore, we shouldn’t waste our time on the development of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate, in other words, in building special houses or even developing distinctive cultures, particularly the family, which is on the animate level. Let’s begin to develop and reveal in ourselves this force that develops us!

Perhaps then, we will be able to manage it, use it, and direct it to various new forms. Let’s examine it, and then we will find out to what form we should develop and will promote exactly this development.

Kabbalists have recommend this direction of development to us, and any other development always leads us into crises, disappointment, and a dead end.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/30/16

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