A Good Attitude Is A Protection Against Abuse

Laitman_519Question: How is it possible to protect children from unhealthy relationships in our world?

Answer: It depends solely and only on education that children acquire, which is instilled not only by their parents but also in kindergarten, at school, on the street, and in groups. Everything depends on the environment in which a child grows. If you set him up for good relationships with others through our world, through the upper world he is provided with some kind of protection.

I cannot say how to accomplish this in every case in life with complete confidence; however, if a person has a good attitude toward others, behaves intelligently and calmly, doesn’t violate traffic laws and doesn’t arouse aggression then both, through the higher management and through mutual cooperation with other people, he will encounter a minimum of problems. A good attitude and openness to others is the most significant protection against abuse, disturbances, and all negative phenomena.

Question: Is the protection provided by a good attitude toward other people enough, even though our world is “dog eat dog”?

Answer: Even when the dogs are trained, they must be approached through feeding and care. The same thing applies to people, even though they are worse.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/1/16

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