A Single Child-Rearing Method

laitman_533_01Question: Universities around the world have conducted comprehensive studies in the field of education. In North Carolina in the United States, scientists reached the conclusion that everything depends on where a baby is born; in Kenya in East Africa they follow every step that a child takes, whereas in Europe this is considered to be aggressive. Does a single method exist through which it is possible to educate children?

Answer: There can be different ways of educating. But the main thing is to develop a feeling in the child that someone’s “shoulder” stands by his side, creating closeness between people.

The psychological basis of a person may differ, but it is up to us to understand that their fellowship, mutual understanding, and closeness must be developed in humanity, not in a physical sense, but in an internal sense.

We must understand that we are living in an integral environment in which everything is mutually connected. This should be taught from childhood. He must know that only in this manner can humanity survive, and therefore, we must relate to each other well.

Mutual aid, mutual connection, and mutual understanding, these properties must be in the conceptual apparatus of the child from birth! To direct the tiny human toward cooperation with others, we must bring him up properly, even if he doesn’t want this, because habit becomes second nature. But to do this, it is up to all of humanity to understand that we are heading toward disaster.

I am sorry that humanity cannot hear anything. But it doesn’t surprise me because that is our nature.  But the fact is that this nature must still be corrected and mankind must understand this and rise above it. In the meantime, unfortunately, it is not realized.

To do this requires a team organized throughout the world so that all of humanity will begin to move toward connection and unity. Otherwise, the world has no chance of surviving.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 8/24/16

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