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Dr. Michael Laitman“Love your neighbor as yourself” is the main law of the integral nature in human society. By observing it, we observe all laws of nature, or stated differently, all laws of nature are included in this law. Does that mean there is nothing else for us to do but this?

Nature’s goal is to bring all of its parts to total harmony and balance. This allows a person to achieve the most comfortable state. All of the occurrences that we must go through are carried out only in order for us to consciously attain this state.

We have to research and follow nature’s goal and the path to attaining it. This is a guarantee of a successful life for us. By constantly supporting this principle scientifically, we will gain confidence in the path and in the fact that we have support from the laws of nature. This awareness of success in cases when we carry out nature’s law, or of misfortunes in cases when we do not must be sensed by us as awe and fear. This guarantees us a good path.

For that we must be aware of nature’s laws as being objective and compelling us to execute them consciously. Precisely the conscious execution of these laws is the distinctive characteristic of the “human” level of development as opposed to the “animate” level. After all, we went through all of our previous levels of development unconsciously, driven by the development of egoism within us. But today, nature is compelling us to develop independently, consciously, above egoism, by acquiring the quality of bestowal and love that is opposite to egoism.

So how can a person acquire this new quality, the desire to bestow, while at the same time understanding that the desire to receive for himself is very harmful to him? After all, this is contradictory to man’s nature as he cannot do anything that does not bring him personal profit.

There is just one solution: for several people who have an aspiration to come out of egoism’s power to get together into one group, where every member levels himself in relation to the others. Since every member of this group has an aspiration to attain the quality of bestowal and love, and all they lack is the force to realize it, by uniting into a group and suppressing their egoism in relation to the friends, they create a new substance. For example, if there are ten group members, this substance will have a force ten times greater than each person had individually.

However, this will only happen if those who gather in the group think about how to suppress their egoism rather than how to fulfill it. And due to sensing love of friends, every person will be able to sense an aspiration to carry out nature’s law because he thereby brings all of nature to balance and harmony.
(Based on Rabash’s article “Love of Friends” (1984, #6))

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