Why Doesn’t The Creator Hear Our Complaints?

laitman_239Question: Why doesn’t the Creator hear a person who cries and asks for His help?

Answer: The Creator doesn’t hear anything. The Creator is a system and it has no feelings toward us.

If we relate to the system properly, we receive what we need from it because our request is correct. But if we don’t relate to the system properly, we get a response that corrects our impact on the system.  We feel it as a negative response that operates in the opposite direction.

Therefore, there is no room for crying, begging, praying, etc. here since it is all empty and meaningless. A prayer is creating the right desire inside you into which the Upper Light, which is all around us, enters. It is only though our correct desire that we can discover it. At the same time, the Creator doesn’t change. He remains the same as He has always been, filling all of reality. Only when we have the right desire do we discover Him inside us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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  1. It is quite interesting that the creator is described in many of these articles as a consistent but indifferent system which reacts to stimulation in a way constructed to bring about a certain conclusion. However, many kabbalistic books speak in a way which describes something that sounds more like an impassioned search for connection with a loved one. Since the authors of these books are, kabbalists, who had reached attainment one has to wondder: Why is that? It is one thing to understand a system and how to respond to it for favorable treatment and another thing entirely to search passionately for connection with something beloved. One is only a process and the other includes emotion that needs fulfillment. Which is it? Thank you.

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