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Laitman_083Question: Why doesn’t history teach society anything? Why are people unable to understand and accept clear and self-evident facts and draw conclusions from them about the present and the future?

Answer: Humanity learns gradually, but only from its mistakes. Suffering pushes humanity forward. According to what is described in the books of the wisdom of Kabbalah, it had to be this way until our time. Until the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, humanity developed according to “blows.” And from the end of the 19th century, the world began to change. The First World War was the beginning of the manifestation of global processes in the world. This trend gradually continued and was manisfested more distinctly after the Second World War. And today we already live in a global world with distinct integral connections.

In our era, when humanity has reached such an integral ego, we are fully entering mutual connections and people are beginning to come into contact with each other over oceans and continents. It is already possible to explain to people that they are not just integrally connected, but that the connections that we have built are bad. Poorly built global connections are fraught with danger.

Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed and it begins to explain that we must rise to our next level of development. This means that we must begin to comprehend the world through a common mutual connection between us, not each one of us personally through his or her senses. When this happens, we will feel the world in a completely different way, on another plane, in another dimension. We will see it as a  fully interconnected system, a system in which a single force acts, managing everything.

It is similar to a flock of birds. Their number can reach into the thousands, and yet they all obey a single desire, one intention and motion. Between them exists a collective connection, a collective intelligence, a collective feeling, a collective goal. None of them have personal goals. They all aim only toward instinctive cooperation, realizing a collective program and attaining a common goal. If we were to feel this common system of mutual connection between us, despite our egoism, then through it we would begin to feel what is called “the upper world”; we would reach the feeling of a common nature, a state of eternity and wholeness.

We must reach this state independently and not instinctively as happens with the birds, fish, bees, and the like that are found on the animate level. We must reach this despite and in opposition to our egoism by rising above it and connecting to each other. Then we will begin to feel the force that manages everything.

When the various ants, birds, or fish connect, the general collective force manages them. This is also a higher power, which manifests itself among the birds in such moments. They move without conversing, precisely within this general collective force. This is also what needs to happen to us through the right connection. This is what is called the revelation of the Creator among people.

If we were already in such a connection, we would be able to discuss the next level of our development, an existence that is not within the body, but outside the body, within our common collective intelligence and desire. Then we would traverse our present egoistic and personal perception of reality and become a single being of the one upper world.

We can do this in our world in our day, and we must attain this either against our will or consciously. Now the wisdom of Kabbalah is emerging, explaining to us that we must try to attain this state consciously, otherwise we will endure great turmoil.
From a Kabbalah lesson on 7/10/16

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