What Lies Beyond Ultimate Joy?

laitman_572_03Question: How can two realities coexist and be combined, the one of the spiritual world and the one of our world?

Answer: A person can see the spiritual world through our world. Our world is different from the spiritual world since in the spiritual world a person discovers more and more connections, the reasons and the outcomes of this world. In addition, a person begins to see and to feel this system, the souls in it, additional vessels, desires, thoughts, and so on.

How does a little child relate to the world? He lives in it just like us, but he doesn’t pay attention to all the details that we notice because we are aware of them and understand what they mean and how they are related to us, while the heart of a little boy is attracted to a small toy and that’s all. This example illustrates our lack of spiritual development. When we develop, we will see a whole world around us. We don’t need to go anywhere. We need to see the mutual ties in it through this world, and then we will reveal the upper world.

Question: Suppose everyone reaches ultimate joy, the peak of their development, and suppose everyone connects with the Creator and brings him contentment, what then?

Answer: When a person reveals the upper world, he gradually enters a system in which there is no “what then.” There is no time, space, no axes, no motion, only an increasingly greater attainment of a certain level that is called “complete correction” (Gmar Tikkun), the end of the correction of the system, the attainment of the Creator, and we don’t know what’s next. Now we have to attain this level. Then we will reach the next state, which we will attain in spirituality. When we enter the spiritual world, we will ascend the 125 steps of the spiritual ladder until our complete correction, and when we fully correct ourselves, the concepts of time, motion, and space, good and evil, etc. will disappear; everything will be absolute goodness, absolute Light, and we will enter the next world. Now we know nothing about it, so we cannot describe it in any way. We can speak about the next world only after we fully correct ourselves.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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