New Life #585 – Secular, Religious, Ultra-Orthodox, And Arab

New Life #585 – Secular, Religious, Ultra-Orthodox And Arab
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Question: Why is it only with us in Israel that the distance between factions is so troublesome?

Answer: It is because of our spiritual roots.

We are not a normal people. Abraham gathered different people around the idea of love for others. When we fell into unfounded hatred, we were destroyed. Today there is nothing that holds us together other than our enemies.

Israel is in fact divided today into four nations, secular, religious, ultra-Orthodox, and Arab. Each one has a different culture, different education, and different means of communication.

According to the program of creation, we need to provide the world with an example of connection into one people, above differences. If we can create connection between the factions, including the Arabs, the world will understand that we have a method for connection.

We do not enter into any politics or calculations; we immediately build a “second floor”; we educate toward a positive and correct connection. Certainly there will be endless arguments, but specifically by rising above them, the connection between us will be strengthened more and more. We don’t enter into any arguments, but only work on connection, building links. That is how we will create a new order in Israel.

Today the whole world is suffering from lack of good relationships. and everyone is expecting to see a good example from Israel. It seems unrealistic, but the doctrine of Abraham, the doctrine of Kabbalah, enters here. Abraham taught us how to bring a unique power into our lives that can transform hatred into love.

The ancient wisdom of Abraham teaches how to connect, step by step. The method of connection of Kabbalah is imperative and appropriate for all the factions in Israel and the whole world.
From KabTV’s “New Life #585 – Secular, Religious, Ultra-Orthodox And Arab,” 6/11/15

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