The West Has Come To Plundering Itself

Laitman_417Opinion ( “Third World Countries have been robbed and plundered by luring them into the plans for development … or other similar purposes. Naive and gullible governments say they can make their country rich by taking foreign loans for the implementation of the development plans submitted to the West, so that tax revenue from economic development will be sufficient to service the external loan. …

“The same is true for the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK. In the United States, tens of millions of US citizens quietly resigned themselves to the absence of any interest income on their savings for seven years. Instead of asking questions and protesting, the Americans mindlessly agree with the propaganda that their existence depends on the success of a handful of artificially created mega-banks that are ‘too big to fail.’ Millions of Americans are convinced that is better for them to melt their savings than for corrupt banks to collapse.

“To prevent the peoples of the West seeing the real threat that they face, people say that behind every tree, every passport, under every bed a terrorist is hiding, and that all would be killed if the comprehensive power of the government would be questioned. So far it has worked perfectly when one operation under the false flag of the other reinforces false attacks that serve to prevent any awareness that it is all a deceit for the concentration of all income and wealth in a few hands.”

My Comment: The nature of the world, egosim, is not limited, to the point that it would lead to the destruction of the world and ultimately die itself. It is just like a cancerous tumor kills the body in which it is found and at the expense of which it lives, and ultimately dies itself, because beside the ego, there is no other force in our world.

Only the attraction of the characteristic of bestowal and love in opposition to the ego is able to balance the ego and create an equilibrium in which it is possible to exist in perfection and eternity. Methods of correction (additions) to the self-interest of the world achieves a harmonious system called Kabbalah.

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