“Noah’s Ark” Of The 21st Century

laitman_627_2Comment: As long as the planet Earth has existed, for billions of years, eleven mass extinctions have taken place. The largest extinction took place between the Permian to Triassic periods 250 million years ago when about 90% of animal and plant species were annihilated. Today in Russia they want to collect all living organisms and preserve them by building a unique database, a “Noah’s ark” of the 21st century.

Answer: For the planet Earth and the world overall there is an end because “matter” is a certain feeling within our senses. Events of the world, our existence in it, time, the sequence of actions, and everything that happens, occurs only in our senses. What lies outside our emotions, we do not know. We do not know whether something really exists or not.

We have spent our thousands of years of existence building cities, archives, libraries, theaters, and everything else, but in fact we are like children building in sand. Nothing exists except our feelings, our emotions. Soon our feelings will begin to change drastically. Soon we will begin to feel the world from a new attribute, the attribute of bestowal, and then the present attribute of reception will seem as nonexistent.

We will rise above the attribute of reception and everything between us in this world will simply fade like smoke. The world will disappear because humanity will feel a new feeling, a new coordinated system.

Question: So nuclear wars will not be the reason for the disappearance of the world?

Answer: No, in any case nuclear wars won’t destroy the whole of humanity because humanity needs to reach a new state where it will change and correct itself and rise to the next level of development.

Even if nuclear wars would destroy 90 % of humanity, then the remaining 10% will be committed to carrying out the complete plan of creation. And when the plan of creation is carried out, the way we feel about the world today will disappear and we will begin to feel ourselves and the world surrounding us in a completely different way, in the form of a single complete soul.

Question: Won’t you be sorry that the seventy books that you wrote will just disappear?

Answer: I am willing for them to disappear even tomorrow; the most important thing is that humanity will begin to move forward. I know that my work for the advancement of the world won’t disappear. It will be recorded and exist thanks to the spiritual accomplishments that people can make on their own.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/16/16

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