Is Our World Finite?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is there any hope that our aspirations and values that we now strive for will be passed to our children and from them to their children? After all, we see that everything is declining.

Answer: Nature will not die, life will go on. We’ll have to live in our current dimension, which we’ll feel as long as we do not complete our correction.

So, don’t worry about the end of the world, what will remain or not remain for our children and grandchildren, and whether this world will exist in a few generations. Our world will cease to exist only when it is no longer needed. That is, when the last people complete their correction, all of humanity that will exist at that moment will simultaneously feel that this is the final correction that closes them together into an ideal global community and allows them to begin to feel the gradual disappearance of this world.

But even earlier, to the degree that a person corrects himself and becomes integral, our world disappears from his sensations. However, it does not “disappear” completely, but only as the world of governance, as the world that has some importance, special purpose, besides the one that allows us to ascend higher.

This world will disappear from our perception only when we complete our correction in it. It doesn’t really exist; it exists in our senses. We desire to reach this state.

Why are we talking about our children and grandchildren? The same awaits them. It’s all perpetual motion, until the final correction.

So there is nothing to fear, there is no need to make plans. We are still little to understand anything about it. Do what you have to do today—it’s the best.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 2/12/2012

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