The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Laitman_115_06From the News (Op-Ed): “Agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership was adopted by 12 nations, it gives private corporations even greater than that enjoyed by governments. It is not surprising that it is causing such a powerful storm of opposition among Nobel laureates, public opinion leaders, and legislators. …

“After the large corporations, in fact, took power over the legislative and governmental activity in individual countries, we have witnessed the further process – the transition from the corporate power of parliaments and governments to the state when the multinationals are global supranational rulers.

“The main feature of the agreement – a massive transfer of power and influence from the state to large multinational corporations. This agreement gives corporations the right to veto national public policy and, in fact, puts democracy and free trade outside of the law.”

My Comment: The inevitable natural development of the egoism is its expansion until it is like a cancer that devours itself. At the last moment before death occurs the awareness of death and the force to give up devouring the surrounding society. This is the “path of suffering.”

But there is also the “path of Light,” when, due to the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah, under the influence of the Upper Light, the Ohr HaMakif (the Surrounding Light), the awareness that our world is basically a stepping stone to the upper world takes place, and we have no need for suffering and we consciously aspire to advance to the goal of our development that was established from the start.

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