Becoming An Embryo In The Womb Of The Group

laitman_528_01Question: If the group is a womb, how is that correlated with the expulsion of the embryo?

Answer: In an ordinary state, the body rejects any foreign body that penetrates it. The digestive system digests the food that we consume, and the wastes are removed.

The function of these systems is only to absorb the energy that the body needs and to throw away all the unnecessary materials. But if a foreign body is inserted into a person’s body, it is immediately encapsulated by a wrapping, suppuration occurs, and the body rejects it.

However, when an embryo that weighs several kilograms develops in a human or an animal body, not only does the body not reject it, but it also responds in keeping it close, nourishing it, and doing everything for its wellbeing.

Interestingly, when a person undergoes a transplant—like a heart transplant, for example—he must undergo intensive treatment in order to neutralize the rejection response. However, this doesn’t happen in a pregnant woman’s body because, in that case, a special attribute of Bina, of nature, is active that develops a living body inside it. which she developed in the animal organism.

This is the reason that the group must turn into an incubator, like a womb, that receives each person and raises him. But in order to allow every person to enter the group like a womb, the person must nullify himself totally with regard to it.

Question: We go out in order to work with the 99% of the population, which we need to incorporate inside us. We learn to nullify ourselves with regard to one another in the group. Must the 99% also undergo the process of self-annulment?

Answer: Of course, they must nullify themselves with regard to one another in order to build the right group or the right human connection.

This is what we teach them through our dissemination efforts and workshops. We explain to them the theory and methodology that allows a human being to become similar to nature. After we acquire balance with nature, we attain the most comfortable and safe state. That’s why the methodology of internal upbringing and education, the wisdom of connection, demonstrates what nature is and how we can become similar to or merge with it.

We use charts, pictures, films, and scientific examples to demonstrate what integrity in nature is.  We attract our students’ attention to the fact that integral education is essential for them. We teach how to cancel oneself in front of the group, to consent to and unite with friends, i.e., we explain the laws of connection that unite detached people into a group. We use simple corporeal language to clarify these matters.

During the workshops, we suggest discussing questions that elucidate the goal of the creation, explain what nature expects from us, what particular form we are supposed to acquire, and what the result of our unity will be. As a result, these issues become our students’ individual, personal thoughts and desires.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/2/14

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