Teach The World To Be An Embryo Inside Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Sometimes you accent the importance of the group and sometimes the importance of dissemination. How do we understand this correctly to actually enter the “Light”?

Answer: Every person needs to receive nourishment from the upper, and together they must internalize this power they have received in order to grow. This is the next step after building a womb and an embryo; our further advancement takes place inside this internal and external system: the upper and the lower system.

In order to do this, we constantly need to look for the faults in us, our ability to add something else for the growth of our womb and our state of the embryo; in other words, we must lower ourselves. If we are ready for this and we want the Upper One to be as big as possible, if we look for ways to make Him grow, we awaken bad, corrupt desires in us, which awaken in the form of a protest. This way we advance by accelerating time, “by awakening the dawn.”

We turn into an old man who walks bent over and keeps making sure he has not dropped anything. And so we begin to advance our state by uncovering the faults, which we use to build and expand the higher degree. The womb becomes bigger, and now our embryo can grow bigger in it. The appeal comes from below, from the lower one, while the growth, the stages of development manifest from above, through the power of the Upper One. This is how we construct ourselves.

And once we complete the nine month of prenatal development, we are born into the spiritual world, we go through the stages of the small state, reach the big state, and become ready to birth others and be to them as the upper is to the lower. We need to be in this state in relation to the world and teach the world to be an embryo inside us.

Question: Is the Machsom the line where we compare our qualities to the womb and learn to feed the others?

Answer: A spiritual embryo is a state above the Machsom. If I am able to connect with others and create with them a single body with the help of the Upper Light, which influences us and unites us into a single whole, then I am already above the Machsom. At this point we are already able to bestow on the minimal level, and this can only be done in the spiritual world, above the Machsom. The Machsom is the borderline, which determines whether I am still in the state of egoistic reception or whether I already possess a certain degree of bestowal.

The Machsom is a kind of restriction where I cover myself to a minimal degree. And the stages of greater restriction and bestowal are built on top of this.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/14, The Study of the Ten Sefirot

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