Where Does The Program Of Development Lead Us? Part 2

Laitman_712_03Kabbalah maintains that all previous human development was planned according to the program embedded into nature. In our generation, Kabbalists are obligated to deliver this knowledge to every person and teach him or her what needs to be done.

Nature manifests signs that time has come and that the revelation of the method that explains the true program of development has to run in parallel with this process, not behind.

The method of Kabbalah has existed for almost 6,000 years, but Kabbalists of all previous generations waited for the time when it would be possible to disclose its purpose because their contemporaries were not yet ready for its disclosure.

Baal HaSulam was going to disclose it in the middle of the previous century when he started to publish the newspaper “The Nation” and other articles written for the young generation, for the widest circles. But it was met with strong resistance and the newspaper was closed. That brought Baal HaSulam to the conclusion that the generation was not yet ready, and he stopped this work.

But we live already in the next generation. Baal HaSulam indicated that starting from 1995 the wisdom of Kabbalah has to be disclosed to everybody. Since that time we started spreading it using all possible means and continue doing so to the present day.

Despite our many opponents, we have no choice: Humanity’s development and the directives from above, from nature’s program, from the upper force, obligate us to act and spread the wisdom of Kabbalah around the world as widely as possible.

Question: Where exactly does nature’s program lead us? To what state?

Answer: The program of development has to lead us to unity in order for humanity to assume the form of a circle. In the circle, everybody will be equal and connected “as one man with one heart.” This state has to be revealed to everybody as humanity’s future form.

Question: Will this form of a circle affect the dissatisfaction people feel nowadays, when they seemingly have all the material goods, but the soul is still missing something?

Answer: It is missing what’s most important— the meaning of life, its goal and taste. No material wealth can compensate for it. Obviously, if a person is placed in a situation when he lacks the basic necessities, he’ll first of all worry about his daily bread.

But as soon as he fulfills his necessities, the question about the meaning of life will awaken. As soon as he feels that he has what to eat, drink and wear, he will immediately ask himself: “What is it all for?”

Question: This a question that distinguishes man from animal. Why does it appear in us and where does it have to lead us?

Answer: This question needs to lead us toward further development up to the human level. A human is one who connects with other people, rising above egoism. Egoism indicates precisely the places that need to be corrected, without eradicating our egoism, but rather rising above it and covering all crimes with love.

That is how we reach “love your friend as yourself” and get to the completely different level of life—the spiritual level: We live not by means of our animalistic body, but by means of a spirit as expected of man.

This transition is not clear to people yet. It is like a new birth that happens to us in the spiritual world and through which we have to go though. I warn you in advance that it is not easy at all.

That is why the method that helps us to connect is disclosed. And to the extent of our efforts the upper force, force of unity and integration, influences and unites us. And when we unite, above the egoism that separates us, upon this difference of these two absolutes, the forces of separation and the forces of unity, we feel a new life.

Question: How will this affect one’s personal perception?

Answer: Everyone will feel himself on a different degree of life, as existing in the spiritual realm, above the corporeal restrictions. Our animalistic body exists in the framework of time, movement, and space. It depends on fulfillment and constantly cares about how to fill itself as well as how to procreate from generation to generation. It is subject to all natural instincts inherent to animals.

Man rises above them and becomes free from these worries, caring only about how to reach the growing power of connection.
From the TV Program “A New Life,”  09/06/2016

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