“Fighting Symptoms”

laitman_600_04In the News (vz.ru): “You can carry out any number of counter-insurgency operations against the Taliban, ISIS or other ‘scapegoats’, but actually it does not change and will be only a struggle with the symptoms of the disease rather than its cause.

“Breeding lone terrorists and Islamic and narco-states are the consequences of the elites of the developed world’s policy toward its neighbors.

“In the US and the EU – the center of the capitalist world – there has been no war for about 70 years, but in the peripherals – the rest of the world – they are blazing with enviable regularity.

“Blazing because it is profitable and allows them to dump their problems in a third world country, pillaging them and supporting their world at home.

“Simply put, the stability of their society is due to the fact that by exploiting, mainly by economic methods, the rest of the planet, the unnecessary resources can be directed to the maintenance of peace and luxury consumption of their inhabitants.

“So, unfortunately, the terrorist attacks in developed countries won’t end as long as the US and EU elite do not revise the global political economy model and make it more equitable. …

“However, the US and the EU will not change their policy, since, despite the attacks, the profits from the exploitation of the world more than exceed the losses from the terrorists.

“Because regular attacks, in their understanding, is a fair fee for the well-being as their own, and society. …

“The only way to defeat terrorism is to make a fairer world order and to stop the fierce exploitation of the Third World with the periodic destruction of their territory.”

My Comment: The conclusion is incorrect because it is not a question of economic problems and their solution, and the religious conquest of Europe and the world. It is necessary to know the program of development of humanity, which Kabbalah explains, and how we can optimally implement it (by Achishena – hastening time).

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