Terrorism Ruins Islam’s Image

laitman_538Comment: The president of Iran Hassan Rouhani admitted in an international convention in Tehran that all the terrorist organizations are in fact Muslim, and claimed that this ruins the image of Islam. Rouhani stated that the Islamic world is in a deep crisis and it has to change its negative image because Israel benefits from this image. Rouhani actually admitted that terrorism comes from Islam.

Answer: The world evolves according to its natural pace that does not change unless the upper force that can correct it is inserted into it. There are two options: either to let this force operated the way it does now, in a negative way, which is called the path of suffering, or to draw this force faster so that it will be a quick and sweet path, called the path of Light. If we operate in the ordinary way, along the path of suffering, we will not be able to do anything since it is an objective reality.

Islam is the youngest of the three major religions and it has to undergo the same evolution as the other two religions. In fact, both Christianity and Islam are two religions that wanted to conquer the world. This notion is gradually fading in Christianity and already belongs to the past, while Islam still has to undergo this process. According to Islam, they have to conquer and overpower the whole world. This process can be accelerated, but in principle, Islam is a system of people’s attitude to the world, which they have to develop, demonstrate, and then get rid of.

But the problem is that we are dealing with a great surge of extremism. It is based on religious feelings and leads to the use of arms in order to overpower and to conquer. Therefore, what the Iranian president said cannot change anything and will not prevent anyone from fighting. The Iranian president’s concern is because the war is in the Islamic world.

Comment: Yes, he called all the Islamic states, including those that fight one another, to stop the wars and to get on the right track.

Answer: It is impossible to avoid these wars because Islam’s path toward unity is precisely through an inner struggle. The Islamic world will have to undergo a serious fratricidal war and discover the mutual hatred between them that is greater than their hatred of all other nations. It is a natural process, and therefore nothing can be done, and all this will continue.

I wish Islam to be prudent where possible, to identify the Sufis who say the true Islam is a religion of brotherhood, love, and the right connection and unity. They should see it as a priority and respect the Sufis. It would be a shame if this true part of Islam disappeared.

Question: Would you advise the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani to support and empower the Sufis?

Answer: On the one hand, the Sufis already know where the world is headed, but on the other hand, they realize what they are dealing with. It is about a great ego that is awakening now after the hibernation of the Arab world for centuries, and so nothing can be done and humanity has to undergo this phase. What is more, it all depends on those who engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah, not only in the Israeli nation but also those who study the wisdom of Kabbalah all over the world.

If those who study Kabbalah accurately advance toward the goal, which is unity between all mankind, this unity will affect and revive Sufism and revive the same movement of love thy friend as thyself all over the world.

Thus we will receive great help from the Arab world, and together will be able to accurately and firmly determine the approach of changing reality in a peaceful way. We only need to try to unite so that all those who engage in the Islamic ideology will recognize the seed from which they sprouted.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/28/15

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  1. Interesting….Where are the sufis and why are they still silent?

  2. The sufis are still many,… in morocco, in french, indonesia, iraq, Russia, USA,… everywhere preaching love based on true teaching of our Holy Prophet, because most of Sufi Masters also our Holy Prophet’s descendants… but they struggling hard in their home because the influence of Islam extremism growing strong everywhere, far stronger than before.

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