A Chance To Make The World A Better Place

laitman_229Question: Can a person who received a blow of fate, not understanding its causes, make a wrong choice again or does the correcting force guide him to make the right choice in order to develop? How many blows can a person bear?

Answer: There are people who reach the solution to the meaning of life, just as you have been brought to the wisdom of Kabbalah, and there are those who don’t reach the wisdom of Kabbalah, although they have suffered more than you have.

It depends on the root of a person’s soul. It is impossible to compare people. There are those who suffer and there are those who don’t suffer and who even enjoy life. We don’t know the reason for what happens in the world and you cannot compare everyone according to the same standard and say that the world is right or not, not knowing how things happen.

You can only speak for yourself. You have been given a chance to make yourself and the world happier, and along with your existence in this world, you receive a reward and a prize, the attainment of the upper world of Infinity. You are able to do so because this is the root of your soul, and later you will discover why it is so and why it was given you and not to the other 8 billion people. It isn’t a special privilege, but it is simply time for your soul to be born and to fulfill its mission. This is the reason you are here.

You cannot compare yourself to others. You cannot know what happens with other souls, which levels they belong to and where they are in the general control system, and there is no point thinking about it. You will discover everything by fulfilling yourself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/08/15

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