Karma Or Spiritual Development

laitman_760_5Question: Is there a law of fate, called Karma, that depends on the actions of a person in this world?

Answer: A person indeed can influence his fate, but not on the level of Karma, but only through his own aspiration along with those like him for greater unity. Then his influence will be positive. However, if he does not act according to those opportunities that are given to him for unity, his influence will be negative.

In this world, we are very limited by our philosophies and inventions. We have only one possibility: to unite and create a connection between us or not. Accordingly, we are either cut off from the higher forces and discover negative influences, losses, and suffering on all levels, or we make it possible for them to pass through us and create a positive influence.

Question: Is the attainment of wholeness and transition to a higher level a common inheritance, or will some of us not merit reaching this?

Answer: We are involved in everything that is required to hasten the spiritual development of the whole so that each one will take his place within spirituality and all of us will reach the final state through the good and rapid way, not the slow way of suffering.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/8/15

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