How Did Kabbalists Allow Two World Wars To Happen?

Question: How did Kabbalsits allow two world wars to happen?

Answer: Don’t think that a Kabbalist can wrap the whole world around his little finger. If that were possible, I would already do so tirelessly. Unfortunately, this is impossible.

People can turn the world together to the degree that they get closer to each other above their egoism.

There were not any Kabbalistic groups yet during WWI. They emerged toward WWII, but they were very few. The groups of Baal HaSulam’s students were the ones who partially succeeded in preventing great problems in the world, but not the major problems, which means not the Holocaust and not the actual war, although they contributed their share to the great victories over fascism in WWII.

A Kabbalist can partially affect the world through his corrections, but only by positive corrections, which means not according to egoistic calculations, but according to what is good for humanity.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/29/16

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