Access To The Program Of The World, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The study of the Torah accompanied the Jewish people throughout the ages, but in our time our attitude to it has become controversial.

Secular people associate the study of the Torah with Orthodox Jews, dressed in black and swaying over a book. What is the meaning of “engage in it day and night” if for the majority, the Torah study is limited to a short course in the school curriculum?

Answer: The study of the Torah is absolutely not what it implies nowadays. The Torah is a program of the entire world. The system that controls our universe and all of us above time, movement, and space is called the Torah. Therefore, engaging in the Torah means studying how our world is organized, how it works, and what program controls it, developing and advancing us as a person must participate in this program.

If a person receives access to this program, he can learn it and correct himself with its help by bringing himself in line with the entire world and the general system of nature. Nature is called the Creator; therefore, the real study of the Torah is knowledge of all the boundless nature that includes the entire universe.

To study Torah means to learn the general system of nature, its programs, laws, and the forces that operate in it. We study it not for the sake of idle curiosity, but in order to join the work of this system. After all, despite the fact that we are inside the system, we are given some freewill and the ability to correct ourselves, bringing us into conformity with the system.

If I change my nature and adjust myself to the system, I begin to enter and understand it. From an ordinary person that lives on this small planet, in a limited number of years I turn into a person that climbs the spiritual degrees. All of nature, its program, the process of its development, infinity, and eternity inherent to nature become clear to me.

Apart from the feelings in the bodily sensors on the animal level, I can develop within myself a system that is similar to the entire all-embracing nature that is called the soul. Initially I don’t have a soul, but I can develop it through the study of the general system of nature —the program that exists in nature and is called Torah.

Therefore, the study of the Torah is not a simple study of the book; we work on our change and rise to the degree that is higher than our current one. Thanks to this, I get the opportunity to see the world from end to end, at unlimited distances, over time, movement, and space. I will know the conditions that preceded the emergence of our universe, the beginning of its development, and the end result to which it should come.

I see myself in it, that eternal part in me that is constantly transforming, and I understand how it is changing and how to help it to develop in the best way. I also understand how it is possible to impact the entire reality, the whole world, all the people, and especially the people of Israel so that all of them will develop well and correctly.

Now we constantly suffer from the blows of nature that push us to development with sharp pricks. This is called the path of suffering, the natural flow of time (Beito). However, instead of it, we ourselves can aspire to advance to develop by seeing our future state and moving to it the good way. This is called hastening time (Achishena).

It turns out that the study of the Torah implies the revelation of the special forces in the surrounding nature through which I and all of humanity can develop the perfect way to a very sublime goal, above time and space, and it allows everyone to reach immortality and perfection.

As you can see, this has nothing to do with the study of Torah we are familiar with.

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