Discovering The Creator

laitman_940Question: In which feelings exactly is the Creator revealed? Can you share the experience of a Kabbalist with us? After all, we aren’t speaking of the five senses, but about feelings that appear after we perceive reality through them.

Answer: The Creator is revealed in the right attitude to others. A right attitude to a friend, in bestowal, in love, for him is the substrate on which the Creator is revealed. For example, if you place sheet of metal in interplanertary space, you would immediately feel how the light hits it and the sheet would be lit up. If the metal sheet weren’t there, the space is dark. This is how we see the moon in the sky because it reflects the rays of the sun. And if it weren’t there, nothing would be reflected and the space would be dark.

And so we need to place a partition in the way of the Upper Light, a screen, a Masach, and then we will reveal it and feel its properties. The partition, the Masach, appears when I place myself in concern for my friend. This refers to my resistance to myself. When I reject myself, in opposition to myself, and begin to relate to the friend with care and bestowal, on top of the attribute of care, bestowal, and reflection, I begin to reveal the Creator. This is the condition, and therefore it is written: “from the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.” This is the reason that all our actions, our whole method, is based only on the right connection with others, because this is how the Creator is revealed. The revelation of the Creator is our goal and the means for reaching it is the principle of “love thy friend as thyself.”

Question: Do we feel harmony in this crazy world when the spiritual levels are revealed, when the Creator is revealed?

Answer: Yes, we begin to feel harmony in this world because we begin to perceive this world as the correct mutual connection of all the elements of the creation. We begin to understand it, to see the wisdom in it, the relationship between cause and effect. This means that it is actually revealed to us as an immense network of the proper events that lead us to the goal.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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