Educated Terrorists

laitman_432In the News (Independent): “Male, 26, single, quite well-educated but not an expert on the Quran – this is the profile of an average fighter joining Isis. …

“Another startling finding was the level of education listed, with most of the recruits saying they had completed secondary school and many listing higher education and university degrees.

“The report described the group as ‘generally well educated’ and said that although some of the fighters recorded no formal education, a roughly equal number held advanced degrees.”

My Comment: The fact that educated people are joining Daesh (ISIS) is a very interesting phenomenon. It seems to them that they have found an idea for which it is worth existing, an idea on the level of life and death, so it appears to be great to them.

This is a phenomenon typical of an educated person who looks around and sees that the world is falling apart, going nowhere. The world is becoming lost, the world is shallow, is leveled to zero.

A person searches for something to hold onto so he will have a reason to exist. And then they begin to lure him. In addition, there is also the support of an environment; suddenly friends appear, a society, which has its own ideas. He is “turned on”!

There is no ideological concept that holds him, but what surrounds it! It has been proven that even a person who serves in the army is not interested in the homeland like when they used to shout, “For the homeland!”

What interest him are the comrades in arms. “We are repelling the attack. We are protecting ourselves. We are conquering!” It means that it is all about that limited group in which he feels camaraderie. That is what the person is missing and that is where he finds it. They know how to exploit this in the “Islamic State.”

Question: How is it possible to attract them somewhere else? Is such a thing possible?

Answer: To do this we need to raise the intensity of life to the level that exists in these organizations: the fight, the intoxication of struggle, solidarity, propaganda about the idea that leads and sets a person on fire so he is always in a state of global revolution. For this we need romantics, special souls. But we also need organizers.

Question: Does this mean that a stronger, ‘romantic” idea is required that burns and leads us forward? Does such an idea exist?

Answer: That idea exists with us in the wisdom of Kabbalah. In contrast, I believe that the “Islamic State,” as always, is going to lead toward a situation in which the revolution begins to “devour” its children. They are already “eating” each other! They are unable to unite, because if they unite, they lose the sense of friction, the feeling of “sparks” that they create when they are at work. In revolutionary currents of this type, very large numbers of small groups generally appear and they are all in conflict, in debates. For them, happiness is from arousing fear in the world. In this way they want to say that they are special and worthy of something. So everything is advancing in one direction; the world is falling into an abyss in every sense, and they hover over it like vultures selecting new victims. They pounce on them and grab them. There is no final idea here for these or for those. And how will we open the ideal of the wisdom of Kabbalah? That is another problem.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/10/16

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