Weak Men And Strong Women

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today people speak a lot about women being downtrodden, oppressed, etc., but no one speaks about the fact that men also are a pitiful sight.

On one hand, he is essentially oppressed in his family; he has no role. On the other hand, he must provide for the family and bring everything the family needs. But the needs have reached a point where not too many men are able to satisfy this need. Moreover, the crisis is making it so that even the things that a man was able to do before, he is no longer capable of doing. As a consequence, he wants to be rude, violent, beat his wife, etc.

Answer: We are in a state that can explode. This is why this problem needs to be solved as a group, integrally: open courses at universities, on television, through housing boards, community centers, night schools, etc.

In other words, we must educate! First of all, we must educate women, because they will take the education further. Second, the same problem must be solved with men in a group who must be “forced” to attend a course.

We must lift people from the animate level to the “Human” level, because today they are a pitiful sight.

Women are better adapted, more capable and ready for changes, because they have a maternal instinct, a strong drive to live, and to survive no matter what. Overall, the woman is a strong element, and the man is a weak element, and he simply needs to be well organized.

There should be no parasites or loafers. If a person does not work, he needs to study. And a working person still needs to study, in the workplace, for example.

All of us need to complete a course of integral education and upbringing. Nothing can happen without it. This must become a government program. Even if it requires financial investment (I do not think it will need much), the immediate economic effect it will produce in every aspect of society will be many times more beneficial than any expenses.

The main thing is to obligate and require people to come and learn, and to not waste time. But this absolutely must be accompanied by a vast mass media campaign, advertising the method of integral learning as a national government program.

I think that this is very possible in Russia, which has such a high demand for a national idea. In general, this does not threaten the government in any way; they can continue to govern, because we are only speaking about the education of the society.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/28/12

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