The Wisdom Of King Solomon: “Do Not Grab A Dog By The Ears”

laitman_583_04Proverbs, 26:17: A passerby who becomes embroiled in a quarrel that is not his is like one who grabs a dog by its ears.

Question: Does it mean that a person fiddles with his fate?

Answer: Of course! If you meddle in someone else’s quarrel, you cause anger in the other person at the level of a dog.

We know that it is best not to interfere. The best thing is to let the person sort out the situation he is in without any wisdom or advice; otherwise, you will become an enemy to both.

Question: Let’s say there is a quarrel. What should a person do?

Answer: An outside person does nothing. Leaves them alone and steps aside.

The police or someone else that is supposed to smooth things over, this is their business. An individual has no right to interfere.

Question: Is it because he does not know who is right and who is wrong?

Answer: He has no right to meddle at all. Otherwise, those states will not find their solution.

Question: King Solomon said that the quarrel is within me. What kind of quarrel exists inside a person?

Answer: A constant one, because the person is created from two desires: egoistic and altruistic ones. But a true human is one within whom there is a constant battle between good and evil, one who specifically incites his good to evil.

The evil constantly rises, wants everything for itself, and so on. A person, however, if he wants to educate himself, always develops good in himself and is constantly in this internal battle.

Therefore, all these proverbs are built on the revelation of evil in a person, but to the extent that he tries to reveal the good in himself.

Question: That is, the evil is in me, the egoism is within me, all the time; is this my nature?

Answer: Yes, and you ask the Creator to give you a good nature in addition to it so that you could balance these two natures. You can say: “I ask the Creator to remove this evil nature from me.” No. This is unwise.

You should ask to be given a good nature so that these two natures would exist within you in balance. One should not be bigger than the other, and the positive one should not be above the negative.

The middle line between them is an amazing state. And I am constantly in this balance. I stand on two legs above them. Only then can I absolutely fully feel both the minus and the plus and all nature below me.

Question: Is a person who includes his own nature and the nature of the Creator a harmonious person?

Answer: Of course. He is then called “Adam,” i.e., “similar to the Creator,” because all one’s inner properties that are opposite to the Creator also resemble the Creator.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 12/16/19

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