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My Thoughts On Twitter 3/1/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Rabash, Letter 8: After acquiring love of friends, sparks of love shine, the heart longs and yearns for them… I come out of this world and its corporeal desires … and it seems to me that there is nothing in the world besides me and the friends… and then the I is annulled as well and dissolves in the friends.

Rabash, Letter 40: When one feels the friend’s love, joy awakens in him. Since he always knew that only he cares about himself. But when he discovers that the friend cares for him, joy awakens in him and he can no longer care for himself.

Baal HaSulam, 600,000 souls: A sign of the complete correction of the desire is when a person feels that his soul (desire) dwells in everyone and in each one. And he does not feel that he is a part separated from others, but a part that depends on everyone. And he becomes perfect, with no defect, and the light of the soul shines in him.

Mutual inclusion has a unique quality: I possessed a single strength in the system of Adam, but after the breakage I include myself into each person above the power of rejection. Each one of us becomes many times stronger than the one unit of strength in the system of Adam.

If we include our friend’s strength in us, everyone will be able to overcome their evil. Our evil comes from the broken connections between us in the system of Adam. Once the connection was broken, all that was left in us was the force of the benefit of evil.

Turning to the Creator is a prayer, a request for Him to correct what He’s broken. We’re using the fragments of a purposely broken vessel in order to learn to build it out of pieces, like children do with Legos, developing through it and growing until we receive a spiritual Kli.

The work of man is to cause the work of the Creator. We are obligating the Creator to do this work. So He does. “My sons have defeated me.” The Creator acts like we do fulfilling requests of our children. Kids plead with their parents, we need to plead with the Creator. He is awaiting our plea.

Fighting rejection, we’re building our common appeal to the Creator, demanding that He unite us. If our request reaches the needed strength, deepness, and quantity of those asking, the whole ten, once we are able to make such a request, the Creator will do the work!

There is no hidden palace of the Creator—it will become revealed if we create it. We’re building one vessel from our egoistic desires. Everyone feels mutual rejection and doesn’t want to unite. If we demand the power of unity from the Creator above it, He will bring us closer together and will become manifest in the vessel created by Him.

The goal is to unite between ourselves in the corrected tens like cells of one body, forming a benevolent influence on the Creator. This part of the broken soul of Adam will come to life and pull all the other parts with it, causing the correction of all systems of the common soul.
From Twitter, 3/1/20

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Coronavirus Means No War For Now—But Future War Or Peace Depends On What We Do Now

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/30/20

When Austria refuses to treat patients from Italy, Germany forbids exports of medical equipment, France refuses to provide masks, and the rich northern countries want no burden of dealing with southern debt, we are in trouble.

In addition to the friction between countries, there is a sudden increase in unemployment, and if it reaches a situation where food can no longer be served on the table, then we are in serious turmoil.

Will Europe or countries in other continents descend into another world war?

In the future, a war is indeed possible, even though we definitely hope it will not happen. But in the meantime, war is highly unlikely.

The coronavirus sets appalling conditions for war. The need for social distancing during a pandemic counters the circumstances needed for war, which requires flexibility of motion and the ability to mobilize armies.

Other than risk from the enemy, soldiers would be endangered by the coronavirus itself, as they would need to gather frequently in tight group settings.

Therefore, while the idea of war can be put on hold while we try to deal with the coronavirus, we still bear witness to bitter resentment cooking between countries.

And if we fail to rise above the divisive atmosphere separating us, then we can expect another form of crisis to wake us up to the need to unite above our differences.

Today, the coronavirus shows us a prime example of how it doesn’t discriminate between different people and countries.

If we as a human society step up to the challenge of relating to each other as equally as nature relates to us, where on one hand, we recognize our innately divisive drives that try to separate us, and on the other hand, prioritize unification above our divisions, then we would overcome the tendencies that would otherwise lead us to more suffering, wars and crises.

Moreover, by building positive connections upon our differences, we would discover a new and harmonious world where everyone becomes friends and family. It would be a world where love and care increasingly spread virally from one day to the next, and instead of needing to tighten our lockdowns to be protected from a pandemic, we would willingly tighten our connections to each other, protecting ourselves from any kind of harm.

World Kabbalah Convention 2020 Album—In Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/1/20

World Kabbalah Convention 2020

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 3/1/20

3 days.
150 countries.
26 languages.
5,000 participants.
3,000 virtual connections.
World Kabbalah Convention 2020.
Thank you 🙏🏼

Death And I

Laitman_013.07Question: Our mind refuses to accept the inevitability of death. When one receives information that associates him with death, something tells him that this data is unreliable. We can sometimes predict the death of others, but will almost always be wrong about predicting our own.

Experts tell us that subconsciously we ignore facts and perceive ourselves as someone who will have a lengthy existence, if not eternity. Why do we feel this way?

Answer: It is because no living being can or should understand that he is mortal at all. Everything in this world should propel us forward. We must create, execute things, and leave something after us.

Question: To acknowledge one’s mortality, to have the fear of death, does it have an effect on us?

Answer: The fear of death is the fear of nonexistence. How can I imagine a world where I no longer exist? This is a terrible rejection of egoism.

What is a world? It is I who exist, I know the world, understand it, and feel it. I am in it, in the center of it. But here, I suddenly disappear.

What remains in the world? I can only perceive it through my senses. If there is no “I,” then this is the end of it all. Our ego cannot conceive of the notion that the world can exist without it.

The only solution is to explain to people that the world is eternal, endless, and perfect. It is completely different from the way that we perceive it. In order to see it differently, we have to rise up to the level of the quality of love and bestowal.

Question: Does it mean that we will break free and rise above our egoism?

Answer: Yes. We will see it in the quality opposite egoism.

The fact that we are created in a particular quality should not limit us. We have to see the world differently, multilaterally. We will then be able to see the world and ourselves in some sort of connection.

Question: Are you saying that if I rise above my egoism, I will reach the quality of love and bestowal and see the world as eternal? Thus, I become eternal too?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So, it follows that death does not exist?

Answer: Death does not exist in the quality of bestowal.

Question: Will people come to perceive themselves as eternal?

Answer: Yes, the science of Kabbalah explains this to us. We can only do it if we have the desire for it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 10/24/19

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Study In Kabbalah

Laitman_524.01Question: A ten is a mini-model of society. Instead of working with all of humanity, which, in principle, is not yet possible, did the Kabbalists take, like a hologram, the most minimal cell in which it is possible to implement the method?

Answer: That is absolutely right.

Comment: Kabbalists say that two people are also minimal for a society.

My Response: In principle, for lack of anything else, there can be two. After all, then a person begins to feel the difference between himself and the other: Who is “I” and who is “he?” But in fact, you can only achieve the altruistic quality of bestowal quickly and correctly if you are in the ten.

Question: There are many things written about the ten in the Kabbalistic sources. Kabbalists have always been studying in such a way. Was there no learning for two people?

Answer: This was at the beginning of the foundation and development of Kabbalah. However, in those days there were special souls and special conditions.

Question: Is it possible today for a Kabbalist teacher to teach just one person? Do we teach privately?

Answer: There can be private teachers. When my friend and I came to Rabash he gave us his disciple as a teacher, a man of advanced years, and the two of us studied with him for six months.

Question: There were no people who wanted to study Kabbalah back then? Is this possible today?

Answer: No. I do not think that this is even useful. The group is best of all. In Kabbalah, everything is so tied to the connection between friends that other ways of studying are not effective.

Question: What about the initial stage, at least to understand what this is about?

Answer: It is possible. There may be private lessons at that stage. However, that is not movement toward the goal but filling with knowledge.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/20/19

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If I Do Not Want To Advance…

laitman_629.3Question: Is one lifetime enough to climb the degrees of the spiritual worlds?

Answer: Do not worry, this is not your task. You must rise either by a good or not-so-good path. The choice of the path depends on you.

If you exert, you will rise quickly and win every moment of your life for the sake of the ascent. And if you are lazy, of course, you will be urged forward, or even left alone, and then you will have to catch up with the others.

In general, there are different possibilities. In order not to confuse you, I will say only one thing: systematic classes, participation in a group, in our common events—this is the necessary minimum for a normal, smooth, safe ascent. If you want to move faster, there are additional classes, courses, and so on. If you want to move even faster, there are other options.

Question: What if I want to stop, and I say, “The first degree is enough for me, I feel good here. You can go forward and I will stand here.”

Answer: Each person will have to reach their spiritual root. It does not depend on him or her. No one asks you about it. You are given only a very narrow range in which you can decide how to rise: by your own efforts or by being pushed from behind.

There is a very interesting mechanism. It works on a simple principle, similar to dealing with slaves: If you work well, you do not get blows, but if you hesitate, they immediately begin to hit you.

Question: Does it mean that it is impossible to stop somewhere in the middle of the path?

Answer: You can stop, but you will receive blows. So, you cannot just wave it away. We are dealing with the law of nature. Therefore, no requests will help. If you are given certain conditions, you must meet them.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/5/20

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“Why Are People So Lazy?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Why are people so lazy?

People who are lazy generally lack purpose in their lives.

Our nature is a desire to enjoy. This desire manifests in two directions: either we have a goal and strive in order to achieve it, enjoying the fruit it bears, or we run away from pain, and avoiding suffering is what we consider as enjoyable.

In order to gain the impetus to progress in life, where we do more than merely run away from pain, we need to establish what our purpose in life is, and it needs to be worth the effort to achieve.

There is generally no success in any field without effort.

Effort is a prerequisite for success because contributing to something makes us value the results. If we were given something without first having invested effort, we would not know how to enjoy it. However, in order to have the constant fuel to strive, the goal needs to be important.

I have been studying and teaching the wisdom of Kabbalah for over 40 years. The immense importance of the purpose of the study provides me with the motivation to work day and night. It is because investing in this work means investing in the human soul. Therefore, the efforts that I apply, even though they might be tough and unpleasant at times, bring me tremendous joy.

The same goes for all people. If we find a goal that suits our inner request, it will give us the fuel we need to work determinantly in order to achieve it, and experience no tiredness on the way.

The main challenge is in setting the goal.

Our desires and yearnings are affected by various social influences. Unfortunately, the enormous amount of redundant information filling our culture extinguishes our true internal aspiration, replacing it with cheap and artificial pleasures.

Nevertheless, everybody has a chance to exit this vicious circle. How? Ironically, it is with the help of laziness.

Laziness gives us an opportunity to slow down from the rat race and ask ourselves whether our regular engagements really lead to something worthwhile, whether our ultimate goal is correct, and whether we have enough importance and motivation to continue. If not, then we can examine the ways to change our goals and actions.

New Life 1196 – Understanding Prohibitions In The Torah

New Life 1196 – Understanding Prohibitions In The Torah
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The Torah does not pertain to this world and it is therefore impossible to understand it correctly without discovering the upper world. All of the prohibitions in the Torah are interpretations of the egoistic use of the spiritual world in the language of this world. In reality, the Torah is not restrictive or punishment-oriented. Its purpose is to transform a person to become loving like the upper force. The completion of this correction is called Shabbat, which is the final stage in human development.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1196 – Understanding Prohibitions In The Torah,” 12/31/19

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