What Could Be Better Than Existing In Harmony With Nature?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I try to become integrated, will I be guaranteed a good life?

Answer: Of course. There is nothing better than obtaining harmony with nature, which evokes all of the forces upon you. If you exist in harmony with these forces then you enter a state of absolute comfort.

We have never experienced such a state before. Our lives consist of running from great suffering toward lesser suffering. We can’t even imagine what a comfortable state means. What it can mean is that I no longer feel my body. Do you understand this? The only reason we feel our bodies is because we’re in pain; otherwise, we wouldn’t feel them.

The state of total comfort takes away a person’s sensation of his body. The body sort of melts away from his perception, as though it no longer exists.

Question: If this is so obvious then why aren’t people grasping this opportunity?

Answer: It is like a small child that doesn’t want to apply any effort, but the effort needs to by applied. We are trying to make this process easier by creating a good environment that will make the process simple, easy, and nice for the person who enters it. However, this requires great resources, as well a supranational organization that has these resources at its disposal.
From a “Talk About Integral Education” 12/16/11

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