Who Is The Teacher For Me?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At what stage should we introduce students who study through virtual courses of the Education Center to veteran students and the groups?

Answer: I don’t think it’s possible to restrict this connection in any way. In general, it’s best not to intervene; it should occur by itself. And certainly some of our experienced friends need to assist the teacher in working with new students, by giving lectures, answering their questions, and helping establish communications with them. However, the veterans need to be careful not to show themselves as “big” since by doing so they would undermine the image of the teacher in the eyes of the students and prevent them from the possibility of learning in the correct manner.

It is possible only to learn from a “great man.” Conversely, if you think he is small, then you are already the teacher and he is the student. Thus, it is very important that the assistants don’t stand out, but remain as assistants to the teacher and display a respect for the teacher. They will set an example for the students and will elevate respect for the teacher in their eyes, and this will help the students receive more from him.

After all, in the wisdom of Kabbalah, the material is comprehended according to the importance of the teacher. The more the student annuls himself before the teacher, thus he will be considered a better student. We are not talking here about knowledge that I comprehend with intelligence, but specifically about how I see myself as small in comparison to the teacher, or the teacher as great in comparison to myself. The greater the gap between us, the more abundance will descend on me. There is no measurement for abundance in itself. I define its intensity precisely according to the same greatness that I elevate the teacher in my eyes. This is very important. The assistants need to correctly build the relationship of the new students to the teacher. Success depends on this.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/5/12, Learning Kabbalah

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  1. I have seen great teachers who did not request help to be recognized in their authority, what’s more, these men rejected any recognition of their external status, and did everything in their power to keep attention away from their self, and directed towards the subject matter instead. Yet, these teachers reached the highest level of respect among scientific, political, educational and religious leaders from many believes and fields, as well as among common people of all races and nationalities. If things come from above, and are internal matters, why are you asking your students to display an external image of respect that will support your authority? If your teaching is genuine, wouldn’t it stand by the power of its own authority? Do you NOT need to cancel your own ego before the upper, or does that not apply to the teacher, and if it doesn’t, why not?

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