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Laitman_524.01Question: A ten is a mini-model of society. Instead of working with all of humanity, which, in principle, is not yet possible, did the Kabbalists take, like a hologram, the most minimal cell in which it is possible to implement the method?

Answer: That is absolutely right.

Comment: Kabbalists say that two people are also minimal for a society.

My Response: In principle, for lack of anything else, there can be two. After all, then a person begins to feel the difference between himself and the other: Who is “I” and who is “he?” But in fact, you can only achieve the altruistic quality of bestowal quickly and correctly if you are in the ten.

Question: There are many things written about the ten in the Kabbalistic sources. Kabbalists have always been studying in such a way. Was there no learning for two people?

Answer: This was at the beginning of the foundation and development of Kabbalah. However, in those days there were special souls and special conditions.

Question: Is it possible today for a Kabbalist teacher to teach just one person? Do we teach privately?

Answer: There can be private teachers. When my friend and I came to Rabash he gave us his disciple as a teacher, a man of advanced years, and the two of us studied with him for six months.

Question: There were no people who wanted to study Kabbalah back then? Is this possible today?

Answer: No. I do not think that this is even useful. The group is best of all. In Kabbalah, everything is so tied to the connection between friends that other ways of studying are not effective.

Question: What about the initial stage, at least to understand what this is about?

Answer: It is possible. There may be private lessons at that stage. However, that is not movement toward the goal but filling with knowledge.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/20/19

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