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My Thoughts On Twitter 4/30/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

If we don’t implement closeness among us, then instead of love between us—we reveal the coronavirus. The virus separates us from each other, showing us our unpreparedness to come close to each other. With this blow, it heals us and shows what we should do.

The virus demands for us to rise from the force of reception, from egoism, to the force of bestowal, to faith above reason, so the force of bestowal will be above the force of reception. We thus acquire the Creator’s nature and become one with Him.

At the end of correction, everyone will rise to faith above reason, to mutual bestowal, and become one system.

Any effort over egoism is a step in the spiritual work, until the efforts accumulate to a degree to become a place for the upper light’s revelation. An effort is a part of the will to receive that turns into the will to bestow.

Hence if the ego brings forth desires, they should be elevated above reason.
From Twitter, 4/30/20

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Synopsis Of Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/30/20

Now that we’re no longer sheltering in place, the focus shifts from health to provision. Many businesses will not survive the coronavirus crisis since there will be no demand for them. Humanity is changing; many things we regarded as staples, we will now regard as superfluous luxuries.

Yet, those business owners need an income or they will not survive and social mayhem will ensue. The state has no obligation to fund businesses that have no demand, but it does have to provide people with basic means of sustenance. Therefore, providing some basic income for every person is a must.

Yet, this income is not to be given as freebies. COVID-19 has shown that we are all interdependent. Yet, we have no idea how to function in a society where everyone’s life is dependent on everyone else. People who have lost their previous careers to the virus will therefore learn about living in an interdependent society in order to become instructors of living in such a society. They will be trailblazers of a new social paradigm of mutual responsibility and solidarity. They will build a basis for a society that all of humanity will later join, since a few pandemics from today, all of us will be in the shoes of those who have lost their jobs today. Few will provide for everyone, and everyone will engage in connection. This is the synopsis of correction.

Old Age Is A Relative Concept

laitman_756.2Question: What is old age from the physical point of view and from the spiritual point of view? Do you feel like an old person?

Answer: Old age means that a person is already filled with some kind of knowledge, whether it is correct or not, and he keeps this knowledge to himself. Just like a small child will not release his grip on a toy, will not give it to anyone, the old man also holds on to his knowledge because he is completely in it.

The knowledge and habits formed and formatted him, and he can no longer act differently. Therefore, such a person is harmful to society, and nature destroys him through viruses.

Question: Do you feel like such a person?

Answer: I hope not because I am constantly subject to changes, ready for them, and I myself try to promote them and guide them through young people. I feel young.

But if I have to change the shell, I will. Cycles of life – nothing can be done, they are necessary.

Kabbalists relate to this very simply. My teacher said: “Just like in the evening you take off your shirt and throw it in the wash, so at the end of this life you take off your body and in the next life you will have to wear another one.” So nothing terrible happens.

Remark: You have given an interesting definition of old age. It turns out that it is not about age at all. Even a young person, if he is filled with knowledge and does not want to change, nature, as it were, replaces that person. This is what constantly happens in all systems and technologies.

My Comment: If the system is ready for an upgrade, then there is no old age. On the contrary, it is moving toward a better, more advanced, progressive replacement of itself.

Question: So nature is always in the process of improvement and we should assimilate to this process?

Answer: If we walk in unison with nature, we do not need anything to pull us forward: no viruses, no nudges. We would feel absolutely comfortable.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality” 3/26/20

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Amalek Accompanies Us All The Way

Laitman_509The force of Amalek is most evident in a sudden change of state—the end of the holiday, the Sabbath—such states that lifted us up by the upper light, and not by our own efforts.

We felt at a height, thanks to the forces that the upper light gave us. And when the Light disappears, Amalek appears. But it can also appear at any other time.

“Amalek” is an abbreviated form of “for the sake of receiving” (Al Menat LeKabel), meaning that this intention is ostensibly for its own sake. Although in fact, it does not act for our good, but in the interests of our egoism. An increase in egoism in a person, a sharp jump, are awakenings of Amalek. Therefore, we must constantly make sure that Amalek does not awaken in us.

Now that the Passover holiday is over, you may feel tiredness and have various problems, as if for objective reasons. But these are not real reasons, it is always Amalek; the desire to receive is clothed in all sorts of reasons, supposedly natural and explicable. Amalek builds nature and regulates our lives.

We must not relax our attention, we must monitor our states and watch for Amalek who awakens every moment. He will inevitably awaken because we would otherwise not be able to achieve great corrections. Amalek is constantly awakening, and we need to correct our attitude toward it, that is, to rise above it.

Amalek is help against us. The more it grows, the more we rise above it, higher and higher. In this way he will lead us to a perfect, spiritual height. This is his job, as help made against us.

Amalek gives us the opportunity to work by defeating it with the help of the group and the Creator and rising above it. Amalek accompanies us along the entire spiritual path, at every step, manifesting itself sometimes more, sometimes less, and putting on different forms. But it always pushes us into an egoistic intention.

Therefore, now, after leaving the Passover holiday and continuing on your way, you need to make sure that you do not stray from the path, and always keep the right direction for the purpose of life.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/16/20, Writings of Rabash, “What Is the Order in Blotting Out Amalek?”

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A Sure Way To Please The Creator

552.02Try to enjoy the attempts to come closer to the Creator, try this or that. The Creator looks at us as babies, and like us, He is touched by everything the baby does. It doesn’t matter that the baby fell, broke something or got dirty; this is how the baby develops.

The Creator does not demand the right actions from us, only those that bring us closer to Him through our friends in a simple and naive way. That is all. This is how we bring Him the greatest pleasure.

If we do so while hoping to bring joy to the Creator, we ourselves will rejoice. And if we feel joy from our actions, we can be sure that the Creator is also rejoicing. Later on, once we begin to feel Him, we will see that the Creator feels all that we experience.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/7/20, “Growing Farther – A Call For Nearing”

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Faith And Knowledge

232.09Question: In Kabbalah, what is faith and what is knowledge?

Answer: Faith in Kabbalah is the quality of bestowal, the ability to rise above my egoism, when, contrary to the ego, which demands of me: “Receive, take!”, I can rise above this desire to receive, take, and grab, i.e., not to work with my egoistic desires to fill myself with any kind of pleasure.

In other words, I cut back on my desires. The desires remain, but I restrict them, I am above them. We call such an action “faith above reason”. Reason is called my egoistic desires, because in them I receive and feel myself, my greatness, confidence, and tastes.

Question: Are these my natural desires, feelings, and emotions?

Answer: Yes. They are all called tastes or knowledge. These are our basic desires: food, sex, family, money, power, and knowledge. Moreover, knowledge is the greatest egoistic desire. After them comes faith, when I rise above all these desires and I work with them not to fill them, but to rise above them.

Question: Why did the sages call it faith?

Answer: Because this is the quality of bestowal—the property of Bina, compared to the property of receiving, Malchut.

Question: Is this a quality that I do not feel in my natural desires and so I must believe in it?

Answer: No. This is a quality that is acquired gradually under the influence of the upper force—an upper light. It has nothing to do with faith in our world when I worship someone or something with my eyes closed and accept on faith, everything they tell me. Here (in faith above knowledge) I set for myself what I want to believe in and what I want to value in comparison with what my egoism values. That is, this faith raises me above my egoism. According to what level of egoism I can rise above, I am in faith.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/11/20

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“What Is Kabbalah From A Perspective Of A Person Practicing It?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What is Kabbalah from a perspective of a person practicing it?

The wisdom of Kabbalah was made in order to guide us from our lives in this world to the attainment of the upper, spiritual world, and explains the absolute and fixed laws acting in both realities.

Using the wisdom of Kabbalah according to its intended purpose—bringing us attainment of the spiritual world—we gradually rise in our consciousness, perception and sensation of reality, eventually reaching, as Baal HaSulam described, the “exalted goal” of nothing less than the revelation of the Creator during our lifetime.

Who or what is the Creator?

The Creator is nature’s loftiest integral force, which includes the entirety of creation, everything that exists on its still, animate, vegetative and human levels.

When we understand how the Creator acts toward us, we can then understand the genuine causes of everything unfolding in our lives, and how to optimally respond to every situation in life.

The more we put the wisdom of Kabbalah to practice in our lives, the more we see exactly why and how we participate in creation, in nature.

In our era, more and more people feel the need for what the wisdom of Kabbalah provides, because as Kabbalists throughout history explained, specifically our era is the one when humanity would awaken en masse with questions about life’s meaning and purpose.

Our evolution is driving us all toward the revelation of the Creator. It is a process of accumulating suffering and deficiency. The wisdom of Kabbalah enters this process as a means to sweeten it, so that we don’t have to develop painfully, but increase our awareness of what is happening, and by doing so, experience the process much more enjoyably.

“What Are Some Photos Which Deserve Millions Of Likes?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What are some photos which deserve millions of likes?

We would be wise to promote photos and other media that show examples of love, unity, mutual consideration, support and encouragement above all differences, in order to positively influence humanity with such ideals.

The more we become influenced to want to love and positively connect to each other, coming closer to a sensation that we are all a single family, the more we would experienced improved social health, more happiness and confidence, less crime, anxiety, stress, depression, and many other negative phenomena in our lives.

This photo was taken at the 2008 World Kabbalah Convention in Tel Aviv, Israel. Each year, thousands of people gather at this convention from dozens of countries in order to unite above all differences, and by doing so, aim to become as a positive mini-model of humanity.

The method of connection (Kabbalah) starts from recognizing that we are egoistic by nature—we each by default consider self-benefit over benefiting others—and that this egoistic quality is the cause of all our problems.

Therefore, approaching love and unity is done not naively, but as a game: that we set a goal to positively connect above the innate division and differences we feel toward each other—not erasing those divisive sensations, but being aware of them and their source—and then acting out a social atmosphere where we each aim to mutually support, encourage and inspire each other to connect, and feel each other—ultimately, all of humanity—no less than we feel our own families and ourselves.

Playing such a game brings us closer to the fundamental laws of nature: laws of love, giving and connection. We thus awaken a positive influence from nature that helps us feel each other more closely, accelerating the pace of our development to feeling people who were as strangers, to feeling everyone as a single family.

What Do We Gain From The Wisdom Of Kabbalah?

laitman_214Question: As an average person, I would like to understand: what do I gain by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Living in this mortal world, you will exist for a certain number of years and then abandon it, leaving practically nothing but some garbage, just like each and every one of us in this earthly life. Kabbalah teaches that in this life, in this world, in our time, you can attain the spiritual world, as if you are already above our world, absolutely not leaving it, not dying.

You simply neutralize your egoism that depicts this world to you and start seeing the world of forces and properties called “the spiritual world.” When you reveal it, you can exist in it even today, control our corporeal world from there, and live in the two worlds simultaneously.

In this case, the death of your body will not be something tragic, unexpected, or special for you because while living in this world, you are in contact with your eternal part, with the soul. And then you will rise in your understanding, in the revelation of the soul higher and higher. Therefore, it is desirable to at least a little, in some way, adhere to your eternal part.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/26/20

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