My Thoughts On Twitter 4/30/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

If we don’t implement closeness among us, then instead of love between us—we reveal the coronavirus. The virus separates us from each other, showing us our unpreparedness to come close to each other. With this blow, it heals us and shows what we should do.

The virus demands for us to rise from the force of reception, from egoism, to the force of bestowal, to faith above reason, so the force of bestowal will be above the force of reception. We thus acquire the Creator’s nature and become one with Him.

At the end of correction, everyone will rise to faith above reason, to mutual bestowal, and become one system.

Any effort over egoism is a step in the spiritual work, until the efforts accumulate to a degree to become a place for the upper light’s revelation. An effort is a part of the will to receive that turns into the will to bestow.

Hence if the ego brings forth desires, they should be elevated above reason.
From Twitter, 4/30/20

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