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When Money Has No Value

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/27/20

The derailment of businesses and the collapse of oil prices indicate that we are moving into a different kind of economy where money has no value. It is not that we must replace dollars with gold, but something far more fundamental. In order to live in a sustainable world that doesn’t produce coronaviruses left and right, we must rethink our attitude toward nature and toward each other. And the worst part of our attitude is reflected in the current economy, which is based on exploitation of people, animals, plants, minerals, and even the air.

Instead of the current paradigm, we should appreciate people to the extent that they produce required products and social solidarity. Other than production of staples, we should engage in strengthening the social ties among us, the social solidarity and cohesion. These are the only “products” that will guarantee the survival of our species on the planet. Pride and prejudice will only lead to more natural and manmade disasters. It is time to start learning how to be human beings—connected and caring—rather than how to imitate celebrities who promote nothing but self-entitlement.

My Thoughts On Twitter 4/27/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

When one annuls himself before the Creator with the intention of giving everything to Him, annulling his self, only the Creator remains in the world. One receives only for the sake of bestowing to the Creator. i.e., he receives the whole world only to bestow to the Creator. This is the meaning of: “The whole world is created for me, and I—to bestow to the Creator.”

After Tzimtzum Aleph, the upper light shines only in the presence of a Kli—the reflecting screen. The screen is a Kli, the force of faith above knowledge. The light (knowledge) weakens the Kli (faith) and the light disappears. In order for the light not to disappear we must increase faith, the screen for knowledge.

In line with the program of creation to bring humanity to the quality of bestowal, connection, and love, we awaken the following: after #coronavirus comes heat, fires, flood, crop failure, an invasion of locusts, resulting in: illness, hunger, death…
Should we not take the need for our correction seriously?

We exist in a system of integral nature. Thus, all problems, including viruses, stem from the imbalance of this system. It makes no sense to fix the system with “props.” We must correct the source of the emergence of problems—our egoism. Humanity will soon be convinced of this!

Accepting the opinion of the upper by agreeing with it, I rise to His level. And I see how my “envelope” gets filled up with the full amount, not with money, but with the greatness of the Creator.

Faith above knowledge is the method of ascension from the material degree to the spiritual one, from the lower spiritual degree to the higher one. Faith above knowledge is the only way to exercise the freedom of choice one is given in this world.

The mind of the upper is the opinion of a group or a teacher. If I try to rise to faith above knowledge each time, it means that I ascend the spiritual degrees. If I do not make efforts to accept the reasoning of the Creator, then I won’t enter the spiritual world or even get close to it.

Knowledge is my mind in this world and the sense of what is happening here, like a judge relying on what his eyes see. Faith is above knowledge as Bina is above Malchut; in order to rise from the level of Malchut to the level of Bina, I go by faith above knowledge.

Faith above knowledge—when I accept the opinion of the upper even if it diverges from my knowledge. “They have eyes but they do not see, they have ears but they do not hear.” I can raise myself to the Creator, each time as if pulling myself up to the next degree, accepting His opinion.

#Coronavirus closes the history of the egoistic development of mankind and shows that any system, clothed in our #egoism, will produce a negative result. For these systems are intended to show us the only way of correcting—not the system—but our egoistic nature.

If we infuse the group (the ten) with the upper light, it expands to encompass the whole of humanity. Each friend contains a billion people in him. It follows that inside a ten there is an entire reality, the whole of humanity, all the worlds.

Does the work in the group affect the whole of humanity? Since there is no difference between a small group (a ten) and the whole humanity, when we awaken the upper force with our actions in the group, we affect the whole world through it. The uniqueness of the integral system is that a ten contains all parts of the world in it.

The difference between one who aspires to spirituality and one who aspires to corporeality is that the former annuls the EGO, reward from this life, whereas the latter wishes to taste both worlds, as The Zohar says: GAV of this world and GAV of the world to come. This is obvious by the way they treat others.

Having received $1,000 from a friend, one believes him, which is “faith below knowledge.” Since knowledge doesn’t contradict his faith, knowledge is more important than faith, faith doesn’t contradict knowledge. It follows that faith is below knowledge, and knowledge is more important than faith since one realizes that if faith contradicted knowledge, he would not believe it.
From Twitter, 4/27/20

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Why Does Coronavirus Affect Elderly People More?

627.2Question: Why does the coronavirus affect primarily elderly people? Are they less needed for the system?

Answer: I believe that elderly people are carriers of a vast amount of information, but it is usually outdated. Therefore, the coronavirus wants to destroy all the past, which lies on us as a ballast. It wants to leave only the younger generation in operation because they can be easily corrected and directed to a different path of development.

By causing people to inadvertently keep a distance between them, the coronavirus shows us that we need to get closer to each other in the correct way. And the older generation can no longer implement that, while the younger ones can go for it. Therefore, the destructive effect of the coronavirus is more directed at the older generation.

Question: Do you see this as a manifestation of some upper purpose? Does it not just happen?

Answer: Naturally. In nature, nothing happens in vain. We are a consequence of it. We also have thoughts, minds, feelings, and all sorts of decisions, doubts, and everything else. This is all given to us by nature. Nothing just comes out of thin air.

We just need to understand nature correctly, to fully feel its purpose, its system, its network of forces that govern us. Then we will see how much this moves us forward, if not voluntarily, then forcibly.

It is preferable to go voluntarily to the purpose that nature set between us so that we are fully connected by good relations with each other. And then no virus will work. It will simply never appear.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Changes Reality,” 3/26/20

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New History, According To The Program Of Nature

laitman_271The coronavirus spread us apart in different directions and made us feel how far we are from each other. It revealed to us the truth about how we try to separate from each other and at the same time completely depend on each other.

In other words, the virus gives us the opportunity to think about what our correct connection should be. If we unite people, awaken a good and strong desire in them for the right goal, then we change our history, our state.

There is no other way to improve the situation, not demonstrations, nor protests, nor demands will help. After all, the government does not have the means to give the people what they want. You can print more money, but there will be nothing to buy with it. Therefore, the main thing is to organize human society correctly, and first of all to provide everyone with food, medicine, clothing, and housing.

And so gradually a person is provided with everything necessary to be able to exist with their family and children. There will be other attacks and viruses that will force us to defend ourselves and to build life correctly. If all this comes from above, it will certainly lead to good changes.

Any system, whether socialism or capitalism, wraps itself in the egoism of man and becomes destructive. The Soviet people suffered much more from socialism than other people did from capitalism. The proof is that in the end they left their socialism and themselves moved to capitalism, which is not good in itself, but still better than what it was.

Socialism, which Baal HaSulam writes about, implies something quite different: a society, a social system, which primarily cares about the people. It did not work and it will never work if it is wrapped in the egoism of a person. Only if you purify a person from his egoistic nature and form a concern for others, for the people, in him, then it will work.

But it is impossible to remove egoism from a person because the Creator placed this force in him. It is possible only with the help of integral education and the upper light to organize this egoism so that it works correctly. This requires the support of the entire society and the upper light.

We live in the last generation before the correction, but it may last for many more years. We will have to learn how to implement the method of correction in humanity, which is egoistic from birth, and therefore, any form of society that is beautiful in theory—socialism, capitalism, communism—in practice turns into egoism, and therefore, will not succeed.

It is only through the reforming light that our nature can be corrected and society properly organized. We will not do anything ourselves, our job is only to attract the reforming light that will do it for us.

If we connect egoistic humanity with the upper force that will correct egoism, we will get a correct, good result, above egoism. And to do this, we need to organize a large group of pioneers who will show everyone else how to advance.

This is the only way to succeed, according to a program that exists in nature, and not invented at a meeting of some committee. There is already such a precedent in history because in the time of the Sanhedrin, between the First and Second Temples, there were times when society lived according to the correct laws.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Changes Reality,” 4/20/20

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What Will Get Rid Of The Coronavirus?

laitman_626Question: The head of the Israeli government announced that love is alienation and separation, meaning that by observing all the rules of the Ministry of Health, we show solidarity and concern for someone else.

According to Kabbalah, is this similar to the love of one’s neighbor, which is manifested not in the rapprochement between people, but first in alienation, then in restriction and the acquisition of the screen?

That is, first connection between people is reduced, second, the acquisition of a screen, the development of an anti-egoistic property and third is the right connection between people?

Answer: In principle, egoistic love lies in the fact that we use one another in order to make ourselves happy, as it usually happens between parents and children. After all, we give birth to children for our own sake, without asking the future children if they want to be born. It is the same thing here. Therefore, no one thinks of love for another, they think only of love for themselves. So we are programmed and automatically act.

But if we thought about others, then we would act differently. And the coronavirus that engulfs the world helps us in this, saying: “First of all, move away from each other. After you are independent from each other, think about why you need to get closer. If you come closer not for your own sake, but for the sake of others, then no virus will harm you, there will be no problems! Make it good for you because you are doing good to others, and all the viruses will disappear.”

Maybe I’m talking about too high a relationship, but in principle, this is the true deliverance from the coronavirus. Nature must lead us to ensure that we do not use others, but function as in an integrated system where each organ works for the whole system.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Changes Reality,” 3/19/20

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What Should The World Become After The Coronavirus?

Laitman_715Question: What should the world become after the coronavirus?

Answer: Very simple—a world where people love one another. And that’s it!

In truth, we do not know what love is. We love what gives us pleasure. This is what we call love. In other words, love is self-love for us. But we need to begin making sure that people are mutually involved in the correct integral relationships.

We are one system and we have to think about how to keep it in balance so that it does not lose its equilibrium, so that we all feel good and do not pay attention to appearances, “I don’t like people like you and you don’t like people like me.”

We need to rise above all the problems in the feeling of mutual integral dependence. Just like a mother does not see flaws in her child, be it his small eyes or a big nose, she just loves him the way he is. We need to achieve this state of love.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/15/20

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“How Is The New COVID-19 Disease Going To Affect The World?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How is the new COVID-19 disease going to affect the world?

Before we discuss how the COVID-19 disease is going to affect the world, it helps to be aware of the deeper causes behind its appearance, and then to understand how we can best use this period of social distancing we have been placed in to impact a positive shift in society.

While there are many theories as to what caused the coronavirus, the deeper cause was our imbalance with nature. We were in an egoistic-competitive rat race, where we each sought self-benefit at the expense of others, and it was getting out of hand.

If the coronavirus would not have arisen, then we would have led ourselves to a man-made crisis. I think another world war would not have been out of the question.

Therefore, the coronavirus crisis emerged to save us from a much more severe crisis. As strange as it might sound, it came mercifully from nature in order to isolate us from the exploitative and manipulative world we created, as it washes away the waste from that world. Similar to how we had been dumping plastic and radioactive waste into our oceans, we had also been polluting human society.

Photo by Tj Holowaychuk on Unsplash

Now, while we are in this unique era brought about by the pandemic, we have an opportunity to create a new and upgraded world, one where positive human connections become the leading value.

While under stay-at-home orders, we have time and space to review the way we live our lives. Reviewing the way we used to live our lives, if the coronavirus would not have struck us, we would have been driving ourselves faster and faster toward an oncoming wall.

Therefore, what should we be looking forward to when we exit this era?

Should we be waiting to head back to our 10-to-12 hour work days, traffic jams, pollution, debt, and myriad other personal, social and ecological problems?

Or would we be wiser to use this transitional era in order to help each other make a big step into a new world: to think about how we can improve human connections, replacing our past egoistic and exploitative relationships with altruistic and mutually considerate ones?

Without philosophizing too much about how the coronavirus will affect the world, we would use our current physical detachment from each other more beneficially if we would first internalize how to stop relating negatively to each other. We have been given time and space to achieve this.

Afterward, gradually, new situations will emerge where we will be able to connect more intensively in positive, supportive, encouraging and considerate ways.

If we succeed in upgrading our connections during this period, then when the stay-at-home orders will be lifted and the coronavirus is under control, we would also continue what we now begin: to appreciate positive human connections benefiting everyone over self-benefit.

We would then enter into balance with nature—the discovery of a harmonious world filled with delight, peace and happiness, and we would be guarded from any kinds of future pandemics and other crises.

“How Did The COVID-19 Virus Appear?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How did the COVID-19 virus appear?

There is a deeper reason for the appearance of the COVID-19 virus than the theories currently on offer. Whether it emerged from bats, pangolins, or whether it was lab-produced, essentially any of these or other stated reasons for the revelations of the virus would still merely be consequences of a deeper causal factor: human imbalance with nature.

Nature functions as an interconnected and interdependent system that constantly guides its parts to reach the same level of interconnectedness and interdependence. It operates as a whole integrated system, considering each and every one of its details with utmost precision and care.

The still, vegetative and animate levels of nature are sustained in an instinctive and involuntary balance with nature.

The human level of nature is fundamentally opposed to nature in that it is egoistic, operating out of self-interest at the expense of other people and parts of nature.

Moreover, the more we humans have developed, the more this egoistic quality has grown, and in recent times it has reached unprecedented excesses. We developed a consumeristic, individualistic and materialistic rat-race society where we each tried to build our successes on the ruin of others.

Before the coronavirus, our overblown egoism was leading human society to states that could have been far worse than the pandemic if it had continued to be left to its own devices. The increasing tension in international relations, for instance, could have well led to a world war.

Therefore, in terms of how COVID-19 appeared, it would be wise to view it from its deeper cause: our imbalance with nature.

Also, in the social distancing conditions we find ourselves in, we would do wisely if we started learning more about how nature’s wholeness, and how we could use this unique period we are in for an upgrade of human consciousness: to become more considerate in our relationships and connections, and thus, to bring ourselves closer to nature.

Doing so would have far-reaching implications in terms of our general happiness and well-being, as we would then no longer awaken all kinds of blows that affect us on personal, social, ecological and global scales, but the contrary, we would draw nature’s positive unifying force in the new positive relationships we build with each other.

“What Does The Average Person Not Understand About The Coronavirus Pandemic?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What does the average person not understand about the coronavirus pandemic?

Whether or not the average person understands write I will write below, here’s what I think every person needs to take away from this coronavirus pandemic:

The pandemic won’t be over with anytime soon, despite the easing of stay-at-home orders starting to take effect.
Curing the coronavirus requires a step toward more mutual consideration and responsibility among us all, from the average person to world leaders.
The coronavirus struck a blow to the egoistic-competitive rat race we were running, and over time we have calmed down our consumerist lifestyles, where it was a norm to exploit others for personal profit purposes.
I think that we can look forward to a positive future, which will be calmer than how we used to live, with more balance among each other and with nature.

Weeks and months of isolation will play their role in transforming us.

Do we really think that the moment all the restrictions are lifted, we’ll be running back to malls, filling our bags with piles of extra clothes and plastic goods, and flying to tourist destinations left, right and center again?

I think not.

One of the major takeaways from this pandemic is that we have cooled off our approaches to each other where we each aimed to self-benefit at the expense of others, and that we see a clear example of nature treating all people equally—which we would be wise to apply to each other.

Nature is working with us, trying to wake us up to the fact that we are all in the same boat, and I expect that we will come out of this pandemic with more awareness of our common status in the wider perspective of nature as a whole.