The Old World Is Dead, Long Live The New World!

laitman_531.02The coronavirus is a force that awakens humanity to perform a full audit.

Our entire egoistic development, the whole evolution of man from the time when he left the cave, climbed down from the trees, and became different from a monkey happened only inside egoism. And now, for the first time in history, we are changing the course of our evolution.

The egoistic method has exhausted itself; it brought us to Egypt and made us complete slaves of the desire to enjoy. And now, humanity must shift its intention toward bestowal, that is, it must leave Egypt for the land of Israel.

We are now at a turning point before complete transformation. This is a historical moment; for the first time there is a spiritual revolution in humanity. We need to work in order to attract the light that returns to the source (the reforming light) that will change the face of humanity. We must be that group, that instrument that pulls on this thread, thanks to which all of humanity will begin to advance.

There may not be so many of us aspiring to the Creator. But the main thing is to establish the foundation of connection, as it is said: “Open for Me an opening like the tip of a needle, and I will open for you the upper gates.” Nothing more is required. From the side of humanity, it is necessary to open for the Creator in the entire space between us only a tiny hole, like a prick with the end of a needle, and through it all kinds of connections will begin to open and develop, and we will enter the spiritual system of bestowal.

We will not return to the past. The old world is dead; it does not exist! We will come to a new world, and we will be new people. Of course, this will happen not at once but in stages. As it is described in the story of the Exodus from Egypt, many times Moses went to Pharaoh and returned. This is not an easy process, but it has already begun. And it will not stop until the coronavirus turns into a real crown, Keter, and brings us to connection with the Creator in multiple forms on all levels. He will definitely do it.

Therefore, we need to appreciate the time we are in. Humanity is unable to perceive this because it does not consider this process in the scale of the whole of history, from the creation of the world to the end of its development. But we see that everything unfolds as described in the Kabbalistic books.

A hundred years ago, Baal HaSulam wrote that we were entering the days of the Messiah, that is, the time when a huge pulling spiritual force begins to act on and advance us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/3/20

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