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Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/12/20

At first, the virus pushed us away from one another so we wouldn’t harm each other anymore. Now comes stage two where we should begin to feel that COVID-19 did not happen by chance and will go away as soon as we find a cure. We should have no illusions about returning to the previous life.

Nature has a clear direction: It will continue to pressure us toward correct connections among us. If we relate not to the blows but to their source, to the integral and connected nature, and if we walk along with it and try to be more integral and connected, too, we will discover that nature does not punish or deal blows. On the contrary, we will find in its rebukes the guiding hand of a loving mother who admonishes only when she has no other choice, and even then she tries to rebuke as little as possible, just until her child understands her message. And in the case of nature, it is telling us that if we begin to want to love each other, even if we still cannot, we will find that it loves us.

[Image: The largest supermoon of the year rises over Mount Hood as seen from Sandy, Ore., on April 7, 2020. (Photo by Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA)]

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Who Is Really Behind COVID-19?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/12/20

Apprehension and uncertainty over the coronavirus have triggered a situation as contagious and widespread as the pandemic: conspiracy theories.

Since the surge of the global disease that has virtually paralyzed the planet, the blame game started between countries while people speculate about the origin of the crisis as a hidden and Machiavellian agenda implemented by powerful interest groups. By that, we do what humans know best: look for responsibility outside of ourselves. If we want to tackle the actual problem, we need to focus on its root—our selfish and uncaring human nature.

America faces its “Pearl Harbor, 9/11 moment,” warned the US surgeon general as the coronavirus death toll increases. Claims that the fatality numbers have been inflated by health officials to grandstand the current administration have invaded social media. But the conspiracy theorists have also been busy with other speculations such as the alleged link between the rollout of 5G wireless technology and COVID-19. Others hypothesize that the virus was created as a biological weapon by the elites and international organizations to reduce population and establish a new world order. The list goes on.

All this is nonsense. Alas, the initiator, the “conspirator” behind the epidemic, is far greater and more powerful than any suspected perpetrator: nature itself. This supreme force secretly knits the ultimate plan to generate a positive shift in the world. Although invisible and beyond comprehension, nature’s plan is for us to replicate its characteristics of love and giving. Its sole aim is for us to finally recognize that we are inextricably bound to an ecosystem which is integral, and this and all other crises plaguing humanity stem from our harmful attitude toward the world.

More Dangerous Than a Biological Weapon

The coronavirus was not deliberately created by humans. It is the result of the imbalance that we have provoked in nature, where only man lives solely for his own benefit and thereby causes damage. In contrast, all other levels of nature—the still, vegetative, and animal—act instinctively and take only what is necessary for their survival.

COVID-19 comes to teach all of us that our individualistic and narrow-minded paradigm of abusing our surrounding environment has led us to a dead end, to such a dangerous state that if we continue in that path, we could very well experience even more deadly consequences than the pandemic, an imminent world war.

If we focus our attention on the world’s evolutionary process, we will realize that nature is not truly secretive and scheming; its actions are actually overt and plain to see. Our inherent human nature, the persistent desire to take advantage of others through myriad self-serving thoughts and actions causes the world’s goodness to be concealed from us. Thus, we have generously been given time for soul searching that will allow us to contemplate change.

If we unite not only at a time of trouble or during an epidemic, but rather from a profound sense of connection based on healthy bonds of friendship, brotherhood and mutual concern, we will resemble the quality of nature within its integral system. Then, the more we become similar to it, the higher and more intricate the level of balance we will attain.

This is the rumor that needs to spread across the world. It is precisely now, during the coronavirus crisis, that we must begin a comprehensive educational process on mutual responsibility that will develop within us the awareness that we have no choice but to function as an integral part of the one, interdependent and interconnected system. The call of the hour is to bring about global awareness of how mankind must behave within the system of nature, what our proper function is vis a vis the world, and how to achieve harmony and correct communication between us.

[The closed Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino sign is seen illuminated as the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, on the Las Vegas strip in Las Vegas, Nevada U.S., April 10, 2020. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton]

Spiritual Exodus From Egypt

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/12/20

COVID-19, like Pharaoh, presses us to come out of Egypt, namely our ego. It shows us that we are dependent on each other and it is pointless and foolish to care only for ourselves. Egypt is not a place; it is a state of being locked inside the ego with no way to come out. But these days, as we recognize our interdependence, we acknowledge that unless we do it together, we will never be freed of Pharaoh, the coronavirus.

The heart will never agree to mutual responsibility on its own. It will always be forced to accept it. But it’s better to agree to cultivate mutual concern of our own volition than through the pressure of tyrants like the crown (corona) virus.

Yet, when we accept the commitment to care for one another, we will discover, like the children of Israel, a land flowing with milk and honey—the delight and pleasures found in warm, caring connections among all. Today, we must forge these connections in all of humanity.

[An army member walks beside a model of ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun’s death mask made from coffee cups at the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, Egypt December 28, 2019. REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY]

A New World Emerging

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/11/20

We are about to live in a new world, a very different world from the one we’ve known. We will change many of our engagements. We will come to like staying more at home and will do our business over the internet. Many of our current businesses and activities will become obsolete or profoundly different after COVID-19.

It will be many more months before the coronavirus is gone, if not more. When we return to normalcy, it will be a different normal: our engagements and preferences will be different and we will live in a different world because we ourselves will be different people. But it will be a better life.

Life is about more than getting to know what restaurants or culture each country and city has to offer. We were going with the flow, but I think the flow will change. It will be a more relaxed world and people will be more contemplative and calm.

My Thoughts On Twitter 4/9/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Humanity’s problem now lies in realizing that the only right exit out of the crisis lies in correcting human relationships, from egoistic to altruistic. Returning to business relations without correcting human relations will lead to a huge crisis!

The world’s healing depends only on people’s relationships. Nature will strike the whole of humanity since it has become a global organism. It will strike until humanity realizes that it has to become interconnected by good forces—to fill the spaces between people with them…

We must reveal how different we are; this is what the #coronavirus is showing us. It is related to our desire or inner quality. I cannot come near another person since I do not want to be close to him. Hence I physically cannot come close to him! Our world is taking on the form of the spiritual world.

When the spaces between us start to “disappear,” the world will connect precisely through the empty spaces between us. All parts of reality will connect and form a new, corrected system of Adam, and the Creator will appear inside of it, organizing our connections and filling them with the upper force, with Himself.

What is the coronavirus? The virus is showing that, instead of connection between us, there are empty spaces that must be filled by the proper relationships. By revealing these gaps between us, we discover that we cannot communicate across them since through this corrupted connection, we pass the virus to each other.

Society, in its current form of being, has exhausted itself. The coronavirus is intended to help us change: the purpose of existence, development, and governance. It has helped us to become similar, to feel the need, from a misfortune shared by all, to look for a common solution.
From Twitter, 4/9/20

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All of Us or None of Us At All

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/10/20

COVID-19 is not just another blow. It is the first time in history that a crisis simultaneously strikes the whole world: every country, continent, and island. The virus has tied all of us together with an invisible thread, all the nations and all the people. It has proven to us that we are all not only connected, but are dependent on one another. As we try to emerge from the crisis, we will discover that no one can become virus free unless we all become virus free. We are in a state of global mutual responsibility. I am grateful for this revelation because realizing this interdependence allows us to begin to tilt all of humanity toward unity and love of others. Now everyone will understand that it’s all of us or none of us at all.

Spiritual Holidays, Part 9

laitman_627.1Everything Starts from Passover

Question: It is not clear why after Purim, that is after a person, having corrected his desires, becomes similar to the Creator, Passover begins again?

Answer: It is because all the holidays (Hagim) are a circuit, from the word “Mechuga,” moving in the circle.

Everything starts from Passover, which represents the exit from Egypt, that is the revelation of egoism.
Pharaoh represents egoism, which is gradually revealing within us.

Moses (Moshe), from the word “Limshoch,” is the force that pulls us out of egoism and leads out of Egypt.

Ten plagues are ten restrictions that push us toward the exit from Egypt; without them we would not leave it.

Question: Does it mean that a person should feel ten blows on one’s egoism?

Answer: Yes. They are manifested in the awareness of egoistic evil. You begin to understand that your nature is evil.

When a person enters Egypt, he feels darkness, complete hopelessness, he can do nothing with his life, with himself, because egoism buries him alive in the ground.

This was described by Kabbalists based on their inner feelings.

Question: One of the Egyptian plagues is the killing of all the firstborns. What does this mean?

Answer: Children are our future. Killing them means that a person does not see the future in his egoism.

Question: So the Kabbalists sensed these states and made the analogy of our world, for example, the killing of the firstborn and the Egyptian darkness, and described them?

Answer: It is absolutely obvious that these actions in the spiritual world should produce such consequences in our world. This is why this is described in the language of our world.

Question: Did these firstborns really die in Egypt?

Answer: No. The Torah describes everything that happens at the upper degrees within us when we are working on ourselves, trying to exit Egypt, receive the light called “the Torah,” a state of spiritual elevation, which is called the Land of Israel, and so on.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/29/19

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Where Is Salvation From The Coronavirus?

laitman_947How do we exit our egoism? We exit our desire to enjoy and want to be in connection with each other. Therefore, nobody pays attention to himself anymore but only to what is between us. And between us is spiritual space. It is outside of me.

I am my egoism, outside of it is the force of love and bestowal, the Creator, a place called the upper world. There is the goal of our lives, the purpose of creation, which we must reach.

Each time, to the extent that we rise above our egoism, our “I,” and take a step toward a friend, we begin to feel the spiritual world, the upper force, a reality outside of us, outside of our ego. Thus, we have the opportunity to move away from the coronavirus. This virus pushes us out of our egoism; it forces us to exit our “I.”

This is the most effective and proper remedy. Exiting egoism is the solution to all the problems; the virus is sent to cure egoism. It shows us the need to rise above our egoism, above our “I,” and connect with others. This is how we find the right remedy and properly correct our state.

I must run away from myself, the egoist, into the space between us, to where the spiritual world, the Creator is. But I do not understand what “between us” is. This is a space that I don’t feel the existence of, yet. But we must strive for connection, then we will feel that on this bridge between my egoism and yours is the upper world, another dimension, that is one level above us.

This is where we find the land of Israel (“land” means desire and “Israel” means straight to the Creator, Yashar-Kel), this is where we can yearn for the Creator and be able to feel Him, this is where He exists. This is where the future world is, our spiritual eternal life—everything is only there, in the connection between us.

Therefore, loving the friends as yourself is the main law of all corrections within which the Creator dwells.

Connection with friends becomes more important to me than myself. The more important my friend is, the greater is my advancement, and the further removed I am from this world until the spiritual world becomes more important to me, that is, love and bestowal to the friends, our connection becomes more important than myself.

It means that I break the barrier between Egypt and Israel, cross the Red Sea (Final Sea), the final borderline beyond which there is no turning back. After all, prior to this, there is still a danger of returning to Egypt.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/1/20, Lesson on the Topic “Pesach (Passover)”

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From A Black Hole To Freedom

921As a result of the quarantine, many feel isolated, as if they fell into a black hole. We must understand that our whole world, our whole galaxy, the universe itself, is inside a black hole. There is no way around it, it’s a fact. So, there is nothing scary about feeling this darkness.

They say that the gravitational force of this hole is so great that even light is unable to break free of it, everything gets sucked into this black well; this is how great the force of egoism is there. Egoism consumes everything, allowing nothing to escape. This is the world we live in, inside this black pit.

However, everything that we see on the outside is actually inside us; we see ourselves. So, if we see darkness, we are revealing our true qualities and are able to make conclusions about our state. From this it will become clear how to climb out of this pit, this black hole.

If we receive the quality of bestowal, we will immediately be set free. Therefore the desire to bestow is called the land of freedom and the people living there, a free nation. Then you will fly out of this black hole and become a free nation in our land, our desire. Ask the Creator and He will make it happen. All we have to do is to humble ourselves and ask for help; this is our entire correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/1/20, Lesson on the Topic “Pesach (Passover)”

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