Spiritual Holidays, Part 7

laitman_293.1Purim is the Complete Correction of the Soul

There are two types of correction: the absence of receiving is to reach the level of Hanukkah, and receiving for the sake of others is to reach the next level, from Hanukkah to Purim.

Purim is the use of one’s egoistic desires not for oneself, but for the sake of others.

I can address all my arsenal, all my qualities in my heart and mind, in my feelings and thoughts, to the world, from myself outward. This is what we need to do. It is how we reach the next very high degree—the complete correction of the soul, which is called Purim.

Purim” is from the word “Pur (lot).” You as if cast a lot because at the level you have reached everything happens above reason, only in complete bestowal.

Question: Why did the events of Purim occur about 2,500 years ago and Hanukkah—in the second century BC? It would seem that it should be the other way around.

Answer: It does not matter.

Question: Are historical events related to this?

Answer: No. Moreover, it all cascades from above downward, and in our time, it ascends from below upward. This is a backward count.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/29/19

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