Spiritual Holidays, Part 9

laitman_627.1Everything Starts from Passover

Question: It is not clear why after Purim, that is after a person, having corrected his desires, becomes similar to the Creator, Passover begins again?

Answer: It is because all the holidays (Hagim) are a circuit, from the word “Mechuga,” moving in the circle.

Everything starts from Passover, which represents the exit from Egypt, that is the revelation of egoism.
Pharaoh represents egoism, which is gradually revealing within us.

Moses (Moshe), from the word “Limshoch,” is the force that pulls us out of egoism and leads out of Egypt.

Ten plagues are ten restrictions that push us toward the exit from Egypt; without them we would not leave it.

Question: Does it mean that a person should feel ten blows on one’s egoism?

Answer: Yes. They are manifested in the awareness of egoistic evil. You begin to understand that your nature is evil.

When a person enters Egypt, he feels darkness, complete hopelessness, he can do nothing with his life, with himself, because egoism buries him alive in the ground.

This was described by Kabbalists based on their inner feelings.

Question: One of the Egyptian plagues is the killing of all the firstborns. What does this mean?

Answer: Children are our future. Killing them means that a person does not see the future in his egoism.

Question: So the Kabbalists sensed these states and made the analogy of our world, for example, the killing of the firstborn and the Egyptian darkness, and described them?

Answer: It is absolutely obvious that these actions in the spiritual world should produce such consequences in our world. This is why this is described in the language of our world.

Question: Did these firstborns really die in Egypt?

Answer: No. The Torah describes everything that happens at the upper degrees within us when we are working on ourselves, trying to exit Egypt, receive the light called “the Torah,” a state of spiritual elevation, which is called the Land of Israel, and so on.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/29/19

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