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We Will All Become Givers

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/18/20

There are two levels of looking at reality: through my own eyes or through the eyes of the general public. When I look at the world through my own eyes, all I see is my own needs, and this is what I want to satisfy. When I look at the world through the eyes of the people, I see what they need and strive to help them achieve it.

Inherently, we are born with only the personal perspective, seeing the world through our own eyes. Yet, with practice and persistence we can acquire the strength to rise above ourselves and see the world through the eyes of the general public. The power to do this is called “the force of bestowal,” and the collective perception it brings us to is called “faith above reason.” Bit by bit, we will all achieve it.

World In A Frantic Whirlpool

laitman_943We are drowning together in the sea or in the river that is carrying us to a terrible precipice. We have very little time left to cling to the rope or hold our common boat, or more like just a log we are standing on, so that it will not capsize and carry us to the gaping abyss.

What kind of life-saving rope is it? The rope is when we hold on to each other and thus hold on to the Creator. The Creator is present, but we can only grasp Him if we support each other. By holding on to each other, we reveal that we are now able to hold on to the Creator. If we do this together, we will undoubtedly get out of the maelstrom into calm waters and everything will be alright.

There is no other solution and no other work but to connect between us, to ask the Creator to connect us. When He helps us, we will find the connection with the Creator within our unity.

The Creator comes at the end as a general rule. When we and the Creator all together hold on to each other, we will certainly achieve the goal. This goal is in the connection in the ten and the connection between this ten and the Creator.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/26/20, Lesson on the Topic “Building The Future Society”

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World Meeting Of Friends

A worldwide meeting of Bnei Baruch friends took place on Friday. 570 friends connected through Zoom and thousands of people from all over the world participated in the meeting via YouTube.


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COVID-19 Makes Emmanuel Macron Promote Worldwide Truce

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/16/20

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a stern teacher. It does not speak, but its actions speak volumes. Its lessons are painful, intimidating, and overbearing, but they are forcing us to learn what we should have learned long ago were we not so obstinate: to be considerate of nature and of one another.

Lesson No. 1

At first, the virus forced us to stay six feet apart from one another, as though preventing bullying and physical violence. Then the virus forced us to wear masks, as if shutting our mouths so we would stop humiliating one another verbally. Finally, it told us to #StayHome altogether because we have exploited and ravaged one another and the earth.

Once we confined ourselves to our homes, nature let the animals free and they began to roam where they had never roamed before, in our cities and parks. Nature has reclaimed Earth. Our confinement cleaned the water, cleared the air, and that was all that nature needed in order to rejuvenate.

Without a word, the virus showed us how damaging we have been to our own planet. It could not stand us any longer so it locked us up in our own homes. No environmentalist could ever demonstrate so decisively how harmful we had been, and how beautiful the world is when we stay out of the way.

Lesson No. 2

Now that the superbug has taught us about Earth, it is beginning lesson no. 2. Incredibly, French president Emmanuel Macron has initiated an agreement to back a call by the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for a global ceasefire. Even more incredible, his initiative quickly secured the backing of four out of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council: China, the US, the UK, and of course France. Russia, Macron hopes, is likely to express its support in the coming days.

Who would have thought even a few weeks ago that such a notion was even conceivable? If anyone had as much as mentioned an idea of global ceasefire in early March, he would have been ridiculed, disparaged, and openly declared as delusional. But lo and behold, by mid-April, that idea has come to make perfect sense to the leaders of the world’s mightiest nations. COVID-19 did not have to utter a single word in order to achieve this feat. Instead, it made us realize that fighting simply makes no sense now.

But when did it make sense, before there was the virus? So, when the virus is gone, will war make sense again? Will people be willing to return to that backward mindset? If they are, would it not be better if we never get rid of the bug?

Lesson No. 3

After we are taught not to plunder the planet and one another, the virus will teach us its final lesson: to care for one another. We stayed away from each other in order to make it disappear, and we want to stop fighting in order to make it disappear, but it will not leave until it teaches us its final lesson: how we should connect to one another properly.

Bit by bit, we will come to see that when we, as a society and as individuals, relate to one another positively, our health becomes increasingly robust. The novel coronavirus crisis is not only a biological crisis; it is first and foremost a spiritual one. It is a transformation from the self-centered spirit with which we treated one another into a spirit of mutual care and concern. This stage in our existence will not happen overnight, but the sooner we begin to work on it, the sooner it will manifest. Then, as in the previous stages, what seems unreal today will seem like the only possible reality.

In recent years there has been much talk about a new world order. Indeed, a new world order is coming, but it is not the domination of a certain group of people or a new world government. The new world order is corrected relationships among all people; it is the progression of the world from a global village to a global family. And this progression is the vaccine we have all been looking for.

[Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic, makes a television statement about the coronavirus pandemic. Paris, April 13, 2020. Emmanuel Macron, president de la republique, fait une declaration televisee a propos de la pandemie de coronavirus. Paris, 13 Avril 2020. Reuters]

People Are Changing

laitman_423.02Question: Today, great solidarity and mutual guarantee are required in order to understand the situation because people transmit the coronavirus one to another. Moreover, they may not even know they are doing it because they have no symptoms.

How do we reach such solidarity? The government demands this from us, but we are all different, each one has their own principles.

Answer: Very interesting phenomena are appearing in society today, which we did not notice before. We understand that we should stay away from each other, not to sneeze, not to cough, not to talk, and not to approach within two meters of each other. We understand that people have their own free space, and we should be separated in our room or apartment.

All these states, basically, are not very logical and not very natural for our world because we are used to constantly jostling in the subway, trams, buses, we mix in the streets, etc.

And today, if a person sneezes a few meters away from me, I am immediately seized with fear. In general, we see how the state of people has been changed, and it is not imposed by anyone or anything. So, what if you get this virus? In principle, there is nothing to worry about. Are people dying from it? They are. But they die from ordinary flu too.

It turns out that a completely different attitude to this state has appeared, and it is as if it is not dictated by any phenomena in our world. It is just that people have become different. They perceive it as if we are in a state of chemical war.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus is changing the Reality,”3/19/20

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New Life 1210 – The Feminine Power To Bring About Social Change

New Life 1210 – The Feminine Power To Bring About Social Change
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The feminine power is like an engine that creates a desire for connection in men. By nature, women are the home or Malchut. They feel safe and in control within clear boundaries, and they compete with each other. Women must learn to connect for the benefit of the whole, not in order to oppress anyone, but to build a good, new home for everyone. In a nation that lives according to the general rule, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18), every woman will educate her husband and children to connect correctly. The correction of society is possible through an education system that will teach men and women to connect correctly and bring hope for the peace.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1210 – The Feminine Power To Bring About Social Change,” 3/3/20

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Like Unaware Children

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/16/20

Like unaware children, we are growing into a new state. A great ascent is ahead, but we can’t see it from our current position. The deep decline humanity is experiencing is a sign that the next ascent will be equally high. To the extent that we are now confused, anxious, and disoriented, so we will be conscious, confident, and focused when we achieve our next level.

The key to rising to the next level of humanity is human connections. We will achieve what is awaiting us only when we form unions and bonds on levels and depths that humanity has never seen before.

Being set apart and forced to #StayHome helps us reflect. When we emerge from isolation, we should focus not on resuming excessive consumerism and abusive competition, but on weaving a net of mutual responsibility and care among all people. This net will form the basis of humanity’s ascent to the next level of existence, where we are safe, caring, satisfied, and happy.

(Firefighters and neighbors applaud healthcare workers in NYC – Reuters)

The Awakening Of The Point In The Heart

laitman_263Comment: At the present time, the so-called point in the heart is increasingly awakening in people. It would seem that all the pleasures of this world together with the latest technologies are at our disposal, but a person is numb to everything.

Answer: The fact is that a person wants to know what is behind these technologies. Still, life has its beginning and end, and it is so incomprehensible. We begin to contemplate: who is managing us, how, why, what is happening to us, and where are the causes of these phenomena?

A person must know this. He cannot roam about all the time without thinking and knowing the buttons to press. He wants to understand a bit more. Such hopelessness, such lack of understanding of life, and such lack of control disturbs him of course.

Look at how quickly the coronavirus is spreading today. The whole world is standing up. What can they do? Nothing. And look at how small we are as humans in the face of this crisis. You can do anything with us.

Therefore, we would like to know: What force are we under? What system controls us? What should we do with ourselves, with life?

All these uncontrollable things such as viruses, volcanoes, and hurricanes awaken a person. We see that in nature everything happens according to certain laws. What are the laws of my life? I want to know this formula. Maybe there is, and probably it is true that there is definitely some parameter that I can change somehow, and with its help, influence my destiny.

Comment: Suppose a person leads a normal life, and suddenly this point in the heart awakens in him. Your teacher, the great Kabbalist Rabash speaks about this in his articles in a harsh way.

When a person receives into his heart a part of the soul of Kedusha [holiness], and the soul wants to be a giver, and the will to receive does not give it the required forces, then the will to receive itself takes no pleasure in life, since the desire to bestow does not let it rest. Each day, it makes it see that if he lives like a beast, this is not a life, when his only needs are worldly lusts (Rabash, “Concerning Suffering”).

My Response: A person fills himself with all kinds of small pleasures of this world simply so that he will not have to ask for more. Like, for example, a small child is given something in order to distract him from serious problems. This is how we live.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/2/20

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Above Hatred, With Love

laitman_259.02Question: What determines the pace of our advancement in the Kabbalah? Do we have to know what the pace is and to feel how we advance?

Answer: The closer we get to each other and build the connection between us above the separating egoistic forces, the faster we will advance. The egoism in us will continue to grow, divide, and distance us from each other, and we must draw the upper light and, in this light, build the connection between us above our egoism, with the property of bestowal.

It turns out that we will be in a field of hatred below, and above—in a field of connection and love. These two opposite fields will create the intensity of the revelation of the Creator in us.

We must get closer to the state where we build two systems, two fields, two planes.

In the lower plane, are our egoistic relations and desires and everything that belongs to the repulsion we feel from each other, while on the upper plane, we develop our relations differently: in the form of love and yearning for each other.

Between these two planes, by placing them correctly one above the other, we begin to reveal their common source between them, the Creator.

This is what we must do. We are now approaching it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/22/20

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