The Awakening Of The Point In The Heart

laitman_263Comment: At the present time, the so-called point in the heart is increasingly awakening in people. It would seem that all the pleasures of this world together with the latest technologies are at our disposal, but a person is numb to everything.

Answer: The fact is that a person wants to know what is behind these technologies. Still, life has its beginning and end, and it is so incomprehensible. We begin to contemplate: who is managing us, how, why, what is happening to us, and where are the causes of these phenomena?

A person must know this. He cannot roam about all the time without thinking and knowing the buttons to press. He wants to understand a bit more. Such hopelessness, such lack of understanding of life, and such lack of control disturbs him of course.

Look at how quickly the coronavirus is spreading today. The whole world is standing up. What can they do? Nothing. And look at how small we are as humans in the face of this crisis. You can do anything with us.

Therefore, we would like to know: What force are we under? What system controls us? What should we do with ourselves, with life?

All these uncontrollable things such as viruses, volcanoes, and hurricanes awaken a person. We see that in nature everything happens according to certain laws. What are the laws of my life? I want to know this formula. Maybe there is, and probably it is true that there is definitely some parameter that I can change somehow, and with its help, influence my destiny.

Comment: Suppose a person leads a normal life, and suddenly this point in the heart awakens in him. Your teacher, the great Kabbalist Rabash speaks about this in his articles in a harsh way.

When a person receives into his heart a part of the soul of Kedusha [holiness], and the soul wants to be a giver, and the will to receive does not give it the required forces, then the will to receive itself takes no pleasure in life, since the desire to bestow does not let it rest. Each day, it makes it see that if he lives like a beast, this is not a life, when his only needs are worldly lusts (Rabash, “Concerning Suffering”).

My Response: A person fills himself with all kinds of small pleasures of this world simply so that he will not have to ask for more. Like, for example, a small child is given something in order to distract him from serious problems. This is how we live.
From Kab TV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/2/20

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