Like Unaware Children

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/16/20

Like unaware children, we are growing into a new state. A great ascent is ahead, but we can’t see it from our current position. The deep decline humanity is experiencing is a sign that the next ascent will be equally high. To the extent that we are now confused, anxious, and disoriented, so we will be conscious, confident, and focused when we achieve our next level.

The key to rising to the next level of humanity is human connections. We will achieve what is awaiting us only when we form unions and bonds on levels and depths that humanity has never seen before.

Being set apart and forced to #StayHome helps us reflect. When we emerge from isolation, we should focus not on resuming excessive consumerism and abusive competition, but on weaving a net of mutual responsibility and care among all people. This net will form the basis of humanity’s ascent to the next level of existence, where we are safe, caring, satisfied, and happy.

(Firefighters and neighbors applaud healthcare workers in NYC – Reuters)

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