Shelter In Place From Whom Or From What?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 4/21/20

While we are debating to what extent, if at all, we should ease the shelter-in-place policy, we should really be thinking from what or from whom we are taking shelter. Scientists have already been determined that the coronavirus pandemic erupted due to our own behavior toward nature. But we are just as abusive toward each other as we are toward nature. And just as nature has expelled us from itself, it also expelled us from society, and for the very same reason.

So if we want a kinder treatment from nature, we must develop a kinder approach toward it and toward people. We cannot love trees or animals and at the same time hate people. This is the worst kind of hatred, which disguises as love of animals and uses it as a pretext to hate people. This approach will not work. We must change our attitude toward all of creation on all its levels: mineral, plant, animal, and human. Until we learn how to plant love in our hearts instead of hate, nature will punish us every time we bring our bodies closer.

[Runners, families and bikers seen spending a few moments in Central Park during Covid-19 – Corona pandemic stay at home orders, Sunday April 19 2020 in New York NY. (Photo by Jonas Gustavsson/Sipa USA)]

My Thoughts On Twitter 4/21/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The force of unity operates above all countries and boundaries. We will feel the world as transparent, having no boundaries between homes and parts of the universe. Everything will be felt as one whole, each one is connected to everyone and everyone are inside of him. We will feel the entire reality, and the Creator inside of it.

The Creator is the force of bestowal and love, and not any corporeal image. This force of love must dwell inside of us, between us. This is precisely what is called revelation, redemption, exodus from Egypt, the authentic end of correction.

The #virus is showing us how unfree we are, immersed in the ego. It is showing us our slave-like dependence on the will to enjoy, Pharaoh. We are resigned to carry out all the demands of our ego and are not aware of this. Egoism rules over our desires and thoughts, this is exactly what slavery refers to.

Exodus from Egypt is exit from ego into love between us. We want to come out of unfounded hatred and turn to face each other, with an open heart. This is revealed as general love, the exit from Egypt into the land of Israel, into a desire aimed “straight at the Creator,”to the higher force of love.

Tackling the issue of #antisemitism means scrutinizing yourself, correcting yourself. Correcting in the way of infusing the world with goodness and unity for all nations.

When the people of #Israel rise above discourse and strive toward unity, it has a positive effect on the world and reduces its animosity. An example of good connection changes the process of advancement from negative to positive. This is the solution to the problem.

The Creator is the force of bestowal and love, and not a corporeal image. It must dwell among us. This is called redemption (from the ego), exodus from Egypt. The force of unity operates above all boundaries. We will feel the world as transparent, as one whole where each one is united with everyone and the Creator is inside!
From Twitter, 4/21/20

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Coronavirus: Believe It Or Not

laitman_546.02Question: Reading medical books and talking about pills does not cure anything. How does talking about the integrality of nature help?

Answer: The difference is that when you talk about medicine, it does not affect you. But when you talk about the coronavirus, whether you want to or not, you are awakening the upper forces that send it to us.

When we speak about connection, we generate it between us; we awaken people’s desires for this connection and for ascending above our egoistic nature, So, it turns out that you are being cured through this and you do not need any medicine.

Right now, billions of dollars are being spent in the world to find a cure for the coronavirus. And it practically is on that wave that we are talking about. You can doubt it, you can laugh, but it is a fact.

If we get closer to each other, which is possible through our discussions, acting, and training, then no virus will develop and live between us. However, if we continue to argue and move further away from each other, we will give it space and it will rule between us in order to prevent people from getting closer to each other.

Look how it works. Let’s say there is a decree that no one should get closer than two meters from someone else. Look at how good this is—at least, there cannot be any physical violence, but we will still be able to argue. And if we continue to argue, then another, more complex virus will appear and we will find ourselves at such a distance from each other that we will not be able even to argue.

I see that the virus works in such a way in order to allow us to come closer to each other correctly, both mentally and spiritually. Therefore, we need to be thankful and appreciate it. I hope that in time we will appreciate it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/22/20

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Nature Speaks To Us Through The Coronavirus

laitman_245.11Nature advances us, it arranges the right relationship to each other and to nature in general, that is, the Creator. It steered us through the first stage and has moved on to the next.

And therefore, at this new stage, we will soon realize that this is not just another virus, an accident that will soon pass and we will be able to return to our previous lives with the help of some medicine. Do not be mistaken that you can return to the pre-coronavirus state and that the epidemic will end like any other flu.

You must understand that nature will continue to put pressure on us because it has a program, a goal, that it will certainly fulfill without any pity. Therefore, all of humanity will face difficulties, pressure, and blows from nature. Its purpose is not just to quarantine and distance us from each other; it is to awaken us to action that will lead to a conscious unification.

Nature wants us to think about what is happening and see that it is important not just to get rid of the virus, but to understand what the epidemic is for, what its purpose is, what it is doing to us, what changes it makes in our mind and feelings, and how it develops us.

The virus will not disappear, but it will put even stronger and, more importantly, qualitative pressure on us. Then we will have to understand that this is the Creator speaking to us. A virus is not a random phenomenon of a simple nature that does not understand and does not feel anything, as biologists and doctors believe.

We must try to discern the hand that acts in the coronavirus, through it, with a specific aim to increase our mind, understanding, and feelings and allows us to see in the virus that power and thought it brings.

But if you look correctly and see help from above designed to lead us to a sublime, higher goal, then we will perceive the virus as a manifestation of love, an altruistic action that seeks to correct us and connect us.

And then we will see in the coronavirus, in this epidemic, with all its suffering, its goal. Therefore, instead of wanting to escape from the blows and extinguish them, we will want to continue moving in the direction the virus is pushing us, not resisting the pressure, but walking along with this wave.

In this case, we will reveal the path of correction that the virus opens before us, and we will go with it to where it leads us, that is, we will move from the path of suffering to the path of light, and make an ally out of the enemy.

So, we will distinguish a hint in the actions of the virus, a sign, showing us how to change our heart and mind in order to understand the Creator, to achieve likeness to Him, adhesion, connection, and closeness.

By intensifying our suffering, nature, that is, the Creator, wants to force us to relate to what is happening. It wants us to see not just blows, but to notice the higher mind and feelings behind them, the attitude of nature toward us, which seeks to educate and teach us, and most importantly, bring us closer to itself. This is the trend of our time, which will manifest itself more and more day after day.

I hope that humanity will be able to open its heart and mind and see in the growing changes in human society an invitation to approach the Creator, which is the cause of everything that happens.

We, as smart children, will perceive the pressure of Mother Nature not as a cruel punishment, but we will realize why it is putting pressure on us and what it wants from us. After all, this pressure is only an external manifestation of a good attitude, designed to awaken us, the egoists.

If we rise above our egoism in order to see and feel what our parents really want from us, we will perceive everything differently: as a manifestation of love and a desire to draw us to them.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/12/20,   “Pesach (Passover)”

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How Should A Doctor Choose?

laitman_622.01Question: When infected by the coronavirus, death occurs due to respiratory arrest. There are not enough ventilators. Doctors are now faced with a professional and social choice: Who should get a ventilator?

Imagine that you are a doctor. You have a young patient and an old patient, a rich patient and a poor patient, a celebrity and a homeless person, a patient with a lot of relatives and a lone person, and now you need to disconnect someone and connect someone.

What can you advise from the point of view of a Kabbalist who knows the laws of nature? How can a doctor make a choice? After all, there are no clear instructions.

Answer: What do you mean there are not? If doctors took the Hippocratic oath, then everything is clearly defined.

Remark: They say that psychological traumas on doctors are comparable to the situation on a battlefield.

My Comment: Of course. If a person lies in front of you and you are now making a decision about his life or death, then this is a big problem for you, a big load. I believe that, first of all, it is necessary to save the young and potentially healthy.

Question: It should not guided by the principle of first come first served?

Answer: No. If I have 200 people waiting in line for an operation and 150 of them are old people and the rest are 20-year-olds, then I should naturally deal with the young, and only alleviate the suffering of the rest. This is not only my personal opinion. This is indicated in Kabbalah.

Question: Even if my relative came to me,  as a doctor I should give preference to a young patient over my elderly relative?

Answer: This is another question. If a patient was brought to you from your native village, city, or from another country, it is written that you should take care of those who are closer to you first. This is written in the Torah.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Changes Reality,” 3/19/20

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Matzah Is Our First Bread Of Poverty

laitman_625.06We must constantly work on our egoism, push ourselves toward unity, and within it, toward connection with the Creator. If we cannot connect in the ten, we will not be able to connect with the Creator. Therefore, it is written, From the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.

Every time we try to connect, it is as if we knead our dough by mixing flour with water. While we are working on this dough, which is not yet ready for baking, it does not turn into chametz [leaven]. The main thing is to keep making efforts, then it will not turn into chametz. We can even work all day! The will to receive is not considered spoiled as long as we are working with it.

When I reach the correct state, that is, the correct connection, and I feel that I am ready to disregard everything for the sake of connecting with my friends, then within it I can connect with the Creator.

Thus, I exit the authority of Pharaoh to the authority of the Creator and see the entire ten as a means of pulling me out of slavery in Egypt and leading me to the authority of the Creator. The ten is in the middle between them, like an intermediate station.

From this, it is clear how important matzah [Passover bread] is; it is the central symbol of Passover, the festival of freedom, of exiting Egypt, from egoistic intention to bestowal, from the authority of Pharaoh to the authority of the Creator.

We cannot stop working on ourselves, on the connection in the group, pressing ourselves like dough until we are so mixed that the dough becomes absolutely homogeneous. There will be no flour or water left in it, but everything will merge into one.

After performing such compression on ourselves, such exercises, turning the ten into a single monolithic material, we will feel that we are ready to connect with the Creator. The Creator, with His external pressure, awakens us to such a connection. But the question is whether we as a group can awaken ourselves to knead our dough even faster and become a matzah.

Matzah means that a person is ready to enter into an argument with his egoism in order to connect with the group. He is ready to put pressure on himself to make a dough in which there is no flour or water separately but only a combination of both. Flour, that is, the will to receive, absorbed the water and became one single material with it.

The ten friends are so strongly integrated with each other in their yearning for the Creator that it does not matter what direction each had. We reach one direction, one understanding, one feeling that combines everything together. This is how we take the form of a matzah, the bread of poverty, that is, we are ready to be together without any distinction between us.

This is the preparation for leaving Egypt. We make a matzah from ourselves and bake it in Egypt. Matzah is the new character of the connected group.

Our will to receive is flour and the will to bestow, the light that shines upon us a little from above, is water. We pour this water into the flour and start working with it, kneading the dough to prepare it for baking.

This means that we need to get a little more understanding from the Creator about the qualities of bestowal and connection as much as we are able to understand it and can begin to implement it more and more in our as yet egoistic desire.

The most important is not how much personal desire for bestowal each one of us has, it is our common efforts. To the extent that we try to get into this desire for bestowal so that our flour takes on the qualities of water, to the extent that we want to combine the will to receive with the intention to bestow, we will advance.

If the connection in the group is the result of the common efforts of the entire ten, then we will attract the reforming light that will connect us. Every drop of water we get to bind another gram of flour into one dough, into one body, depends on our overall effort in the group.

If the dough becomes soft and homogeneous, that is, all our egoism, the entire individual form of everyone, has disappeared, then we are ready for baking, and we can make a matzah.

Matzah is called the bread of the poor because we bake it because of poverty, in the absence of strength, sensation, and understanding in the mind and in the heart. But then, with the help of this new form we have received, we can cross the border between the possessions of Pharaoh and the possessions of the Creator, free from the angel of death, our egoistic desire.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/12/20, “Pesach (Passover)”

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Into Truth Trailer—Cracking The Jewish Riddle

Set against the backdrop of a multifaceted global crisis that is worsening every day, and the waves of anti-Semitism that are growing stronger by the hour, one person is offering an improbable solution, which may just be the most logical one yet. Into Truth is a film that anyone who cares about the Jewish people should watch today. Trailing Kabbalah teacher, Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman, it is the fruit of five years of exclusive documentation, painting a picture that shatters conventions and crosses borders. More than a personal portrait, it is a riddle, a rare preview into a world view that calls for a reevaluation of the Israeli-Jewish identity and the familiar beliefs we were raised on.

Watch the full documentary, Into Truth:
Into Truth is a film by Amit Shalev (48 min.)

The Land Of Israel: Dispersion And Assimilation, Part 7

749.02Clearly Defined Program

Question: It is very difficult to see the unity of the nation in the Torah stories since it is more about discord and wars. Therefore, when it says that the Torah’s basic law is love your neighbor as yourself the question arises: Where is the love for one’s neighbor?”

Answer: The Torah talks about the actions that we must take and that we are unable to do them. Therefore, we have to ask for the strength to do it.

Question: How should we understand that this is a law of nature, that behind all this is a program that governs everything?

Answer: This program is called HaVaYaH, the four-letter name of the Creator, i.e., the four-stage development of all humankind, of their egoism, and its subsequent correction.

Question: Wasn’t it possible to prevent the split of the nation and disappearance of the 12 tribes?

Answer: No way. Everything that happened needed to be realized.

Question: Was all that so that the people Abraham once gathered on the ideological basis of correct unification would be scattered all over the world to transmit this method to the world?

Answer: Yes. But to do so they must go through all of it themselves and absorb it. Having absorbed this knowledge through ascents and descents, they really can own this method and offer it to the whole world.
From Kab TV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/8/19

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The Beginning Of The Development Of The Soul

laitman_231.04Question: How does a person’s soul grow?

Answer: A person’s soul grows from scratch just like an embryo from a drop of semen develops in our world. Instead, the embryo repeats the same stages of development as the soul.

Once in the right place, the semen, or the so-called Reshimo, that is, a given spiritual state begins to develop. Conception occurs in the world of Atzilut, and then the further growth of the soul continues.

A person, of course, does not know how his soul develops. He begins to feel this when he goes through the stage of spiritual birth and then the stage of external development, which is carried out not in our world, but in the attainment of the upper world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/16/20

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