Coronavirus—Occasion To Unite Around One Problem

935We should always remember—everything that happens to us is sent by the Creator and works for our own good. But in recent events with coronavirus, the action of the Creator’s hand is especially pronounced. Connection with the Creator is possible only on the condition that the creations ask Him for something or thank Him for what He did to them, one of two things: either request or gratitude. Otherwise, there will be no connection of creation with a higher power. We receive only the minimum illumination, which gives us the opportunity to exist in a state of waiting. But such a state is not desirable either to the creatures or to the Creator.

Therefore, we must understand that by awakening us with the help of the coronavirus, the Creator helps us organize and turn to Him. Now all of humanity is turning to the Creator consciously or unconsciously.

This is how connection between the creation’s desire to receive and the Creator’s desire to bestow strengthens. We are required to maximize this connection, expand it, deepen it, and most importantly, do it together, turning it into a common prayer. Such a prayer breaks all barriers and opens the correct and true connection with the Creator.

We reveal the connection that already existed before, but was not felt, like a baby, who rests in its mother’s arms and is not aware of it. This is an unconscious natural connection. But when the child grows up, he begins to strengthen this connection, realizing that it can be interrupted. This is how a child grows.

All our development and ascent along the spiritual steps, rapprochement with each other, lies in the fact that we are increasingly organizing ourselves for prayer, appeal, and gratitude to the Creator. This is how we strengthen our connection, which becomes the most important thing to us.

My whole life is determined only by the degree of my connection with the Creator, more or less, how strongly I hold on to Him. I keep spinning around this one parameter as the most precious in my life.

It has been said by Kabbalists of all generations that everything is achieved only by the power of prayer and it would be good if a person prayed all day. After all, they revealed how important it is that we turn to the Creator consciously, with understanding from our connection. All our actions must be weighed with respect to the extent, to which this helps us turn to the Creator. This is the only consequence of our work.

There are only two forces: the Creator and creations. Creations should reach out to the Creator all the time and with all their strength, turn to Him, ask, and give thanks. Now the Creator is awakening the coronavirus, sending the rulers of the world thoughts and a desire to lock us up, stop us, make us sit quietly at home, so that we could concentrate more and more on our appeal to the Creator.

This appeal is the most central point of creation, which we need to expand more and more, until all reality, all worlds, fit into this point of pleading as one person to one Creator. Only then we can say that we have reached connection and adhesion between us. The main thing the Creator expects is our united appeal. If a billion people cry out to the Creator individually, or if this billion unites with each other and appeals to the Creator, then the difference between these two appeals is like this world and the future world of final correction. The main thing is the common prayer.

Therefore, we are given an occasion from above to unite around one problem in order to turn to the Creator with it. This already allows us to connect with each other and with the Creator thanks to awakening from above. Although this connection did not arise at the expense of the creations themselves, it is also taken into account and included in the general correction.
From the 1st and 2nd parts of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/29/20, Writings of Rabash

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