Disasters In The World Are Modern Egyptian Plagues

laitman_293Question: Today, we see various blows of nature all over the Earth. In Africa, a locust infestation is destroying hundreds of thousands acres of crops and threatening a food disaster.

In Europe, a hurricane rising from the South to Scandinavia is causing very heavy damage. The coronavirus, which started in China, is spreading.

All this resembles the ten Egyptian plagues that the Lord once sent to Egypt. Have we become one big Egypt?

Answer: Yes. Today humanity has become one single whole. You can see what happens with any disaster, even a small one. It affects all countries: communication is interrupted, all kinds of supply chains are cut off. Today, we cannot live without each other. That is why it happens in such a way. Nature beautifully teaches us that we are mutually connected and that we can neither break this connection nor arrange it in the right way.

Question: Do we need to know the place of each character in order to correctly resolve the unfolding performance?

Answer: We need to enter integral nature as its necessary, important, and connecting part.

Question: How can we find this place?

Answer: It all depends on us. We must educate ourselves in this way and understand that by not being integral, we violate the integrity of nature and introduce negative perturbations into it.

Question: If we take the story from the Torah, Moses first came to Pharaoh and his sorcerers and began to speak on behalf of the Creator; he was a messenger.

On one hand, we see the gradual concessions of Pharaoh, but each time he took a step back, each time he strengthened himself and said: “Go, pray to your God, but I will still not let you go; you will not leave. Stay here.”

Will this game of humanity with nature follow the same path: “Yes-yes-yes, we agree, but no, nevertheless, we will do everything the way we did before”?

Answer: In general, of course, we, as stubborn humanity, as that stubborn Pharaoh, will hold on to our own. We, as a stubborn, as they say, stiff-necked, Jewish people will also hold on to our own.

The only one who works here against Pharaoh and against the Jews is the Creator, the upper force of nature, which unites and wants to bring everyone to a positive and correct connection. This is where the conflict arises.

In principle, the Jewish people are not far from Pharaoh; they want to obey Pharaoh. It is the Creator who is plotting here, not Pharaoh or the Jews. The Jews are ready to live there normally, they still shout at Moses: “What do you want from us? Look how good it is here! We have never lived like this before. The Pharaoh protects us, guards us, gives us an opportunity to live in the most fertile place in Egypt, in the land of Goshen. Where should we go?!”

I remember coming to Lithuania in the 70s to go to Israel from there. Many people were able to leave from there but not from other parts of Russia. I was told: “Where are you going? Why do you need this? Look how good you can live here!”

Question: How can a person differentiate in himself the part that wants to follow the laws of nature, to follow the Creator who demonstrates these miracles or plots?

Answer: There are some rather strange people, like me, who got up and started leaving. I was also in denial. This is the so-called “point in the heart,” which pulls a person to be separated from all those who resist and oppose. It longs to be free.

Question: How long will humanity have to face these global catastrophes?

Answer: We still have the third and fourth world wars ahead of us. So, there is still time.

Question: Where does this internal resource to not give up come from?

Answer: It comes from our egoism. After all, it is a force of nature, a great force of nature. It is all nature that we now observe and see. Everything we see around us, all the galaxies, all the stars, all the vast infinite distances, all of it is, in fact, in us, inside of us. It is all our great force.

Do you understand what it means that we actually include all the energy of the stars, all this alleged cosmic vacuum together with all the supernovas? Do you have any idea what this force is? And this is all within us, inside of us, inside people. We only see it as supposedly outside, yet it is our reflection. And this is only a small part that is in us.

Moreover, there are also entire worlds. The spiritual worlds are also in us, within us. You have no idea what a person is. When we gather it all together, we will find that we are the Creator.

Question: What do we need to gather together?

Answer: All of our energy, all of our qualities, we need to gather all of it together in order to make us integrally connected. Then we will have one system called “Adam.”

Question: What should people in Africa who are suffering from locust infestations, in Europe where hurricanes and fires occur, and in China currently fighting the coronavirus do?

Answer: Think about how to balance nature. Even with such small, toy-like examples. All these floods are not cosmic in scale. Therefore, we need to understand that we can do this, as they say: “with few losses.”

Human beings are not small creatures. They are enormous. They are dinosaurs that grab, devour, and swallow the stars, the entire universe, everything—nature’s most evil force.

Question: What will motivate a person? Is it fear or a desire for something bigger, better than now?

Answer: Suffering will motivate a person. We see this at all previous stages of our development, only suffering drives a person forward.

There are two types of suffering: either suffering felt in the animalistic body or suffering we feel in our mind. That is, when we imagine where we are going and how we should still get on our feet, turn in the right direction, and go.

A person must understand that the only thing affecting him is the upper force of nature, which requires him to interact correctly with all others so that he balances all the forces of nature through the actions between himself and his own kind.

Question: If we go back to the picture described in the Torah: there were Jews, there were the people of Israel, there was Pharaoh, there was the Creator, and there were also residents of Egypt. What should people associate themselves with in this game?

Answer: What does Pharaoh do? What does it all lead to? Pharaoh is a great seemingly negative force of nature. He pushes the Jews to agree to come together and exit Egypt.

Egypt is egoism. All of humanity is inside its egoism. To exit it, to rise above it, means to exit Egypt. With the help of all the Egyptian plagues, we are forced to break out of egoism.

The most important thing is for us to want it. Humanity should realize that it must rise above egoism. It means to exit Egypt.

Question: What prevents a person or, on the contrary, engages him so that he would say: “Yes, I want a new relationship, a new world”?

Answer: There are two forces: the stick and the brain. Where the stick hits, the brain must turn to it and ask: “Why am I being hit?” We can then avoid the next blow every time. If we use our brain and start seeing our cause-and-effect development and where it leads, we can avoid further suffering.

Yet, our head does not work in order to analyze and avoid further suffering but in order to get out of it. It works to try to get out from under the stick and, as it were, to continue existing as we wish for a little longer.

The Jews thus ruin themselves. They use their exclusivity given to them by nature in order to exit egoism and pull others after them in order to remain in egoism. They want to remain in Egypt a little longer. After all, it is not so bad there.

Question: The force of nature purposefully triggers both egoism and the second force that connects everyone. It does it all. What should a person do?

Answer: A person should choose the correct path and ask nature (the Creator) for support on this path. The correct path is only in connecting with each other through good relations. Israel and humanity will then connect and create such a system of relations between them that the Creator will be revealed in it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 2/11/20

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