Do Not Wait For A Return

laitman_294.1We will all leave quarantine and enter a new world with a different economy, with different priorities and prospects, with other limitations and opportunities. The better we understand it now, the easier our acclimation will be.

Despite the drama that the media love so much when adequate experts and sober-minded people reflect on the current stage of development, they do not regret the past and face the future with hope.

Their common denominator is undeniable: scientific and technological progress as we knew it, slowed down a long time ago and placed the world before global threats, which are its integral side effects. Simply put, on the previous path, we destroyed ourselves by mercilessly wasting resources and instilling the paradigm of consumer degradation in people’s minds.

The Guardian columnist Denny Dorling believes that the coronavirus has become an emergency alarm, a pressed emergency-brake-button that will help humanity wake up and move on to other tracks. It is time to break the stupor.

We were told that we are moving toward a bright, enlightened, cultural, civilized world, but at the same time, we were led into the dark reality of international corporations, international capital, endless work, hopeless unemployment, constant environmental crises, and a total dullness.

However, trends are breaking down whether we want it or not. The future is knocking on the door, and it is not what we have seen in the past. If we reject and ignore it, the world runs the risk of falling into turbulence compared to which the coronavirus will appear as child’s play. And therefore, it is necessary to respond to this alarm call right now.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, each new stage includes five steps. First, it is implicitly born, then it actually appears, then we begin to pay attention to it, then we resist the changes we face,  and finally we accept them for lack of another way out.

In this maturation algorithm, the coronavirus itself will not be a decisive trigger. To some extent, it wears us out of the old, but it does not allow us to get used to the new, and does not reveal or clarify itself in our minds so far.

Nevertheless, the process has started, and with time, it will occur to us that forgetting about it as a nightmare will not work. Then we will think about how to build our future lives, and we will inevitably have to float above the fog.

The essence of the current situation is that it requires changing socio-economic relations and adopting a new approach to budget allocation. Since 2008, it has become clear that in times of crisis, people will have to be provided with a decent life.

Now we are beginning to understand: life should not only be tolerable but generally procured for on the economical level, and meaningful, integral, mutually enriching on the human level

This is what the period of self-isolation brings us to, and the world cannot wait for the end of it. Now, out of hopelessness, we are depriving ourselves of our former joys because we understand that everyone is responsible for each other. But we are responsible for each other even without the virus!

This is the key lesson, and you must not miss it! The contours of a future society emerge as more uniform, caring, and interconnected; everything needs to be gradually restructured for it: schools, professions, systems, and views.

At first, all this will seem artificial, raw, and awkward. What can you do? Shoes need to be worn, fruits must be grown, children must be educated. But this will allow the world to enter an inevitable, new era without excesses caused by its total rejection.

And here, we, the people of Israel, have a decisive role to play. Why? Because we have always been open to the new. We did not just accept it, we brought it closer and shaped it. Surprisingly, two opposites live in us: a steadfast commitment to our original foundations and a fantastic readiness for change, unprecedented adaptability, eternal search, and eternal impulse.

Unfortunately, we do not want to understand ourselves, where it comes from, and what it means. But time does not wait; it clearly demonstrates to the world that these qualities of ours are now becoming critically important. We are able to understand and accept the new by showing a good example to everyone.

In the meantime, while we sleep in quarantine, other nations of the world hate us more and more. They do not recognize the true causes of this hatred, but they feel that we are harming them. Today, of course, we are accused of this pandemic, and at the same time, vaccines are expected from us.

In reality, the world indiscriminately expects from the Jews a cure for the main ailment—selfishness. And until people get it, anti-Semitism will flourish. After all, it is imbued in humanity ever since the Jews became a nation at the foot of Mount Sinai.

Therefore, only one thing will help us and the world in the end: the awakening of Israel from hibernation. This is another lesson of the coronavirus. No matter how much we shrug it off, it will not help. They still expect help from us even when we are being stigmatized and accused of completely delusional sins.

What can we give the world? What will it accept from us with sincere gratitude and recognize as “paying off debts”?

Communication. We can give the world a human connection that will solve all problems. We can form a society that meets the challenges of the times.

In our century, this is called by the pejorative term “socialism,” but I am not afraid of this word. Yes, socialism is also our offspring. And although on it stands the ignominy of the Soviet experiment, it is only because you must not pluck an unripe fruit, it is impossible to forcefully impose relationships for which neither people nor circumstances have ripened.

This was best described by Mark Golansky, Doctor of Economics, who in 1987 spoke of the impending collapse of the USSR as if he had seen it with his own eyes: “The time of capitalism,” he writes, “is the modern period of development, and the time of socialism is the future period of maturity. These two systems are actually two successive stages of the existence of mankind, and it is better for them not to intersect in time.

Capitalism will not be fit for a mature society. To maintain the achieved standard of living, society needs a system that is more resistant to environmental turmoil and less sensitive to profitability. Such a conclusion is unequivocally led by forecasts predicting at the time of the transformation of capitalism into socialism such a high level of integration of the world capitalist system that it becomes one and indivisible.”

We are approaching this milestone now. And the coronavirus is in fact a part of the environmental problems that humanity is facing.

Kabbalah adds to this another layer that links everything together: today, we are faced not with nature but with ourselves. Nature is not spontaneous, it is our mother, and it always meets our level of development. And today, the pressure on nature is caused by the fact that the time has come for us to grow and change. The world is almost ripe. And who will help it realize what is happening if not us?

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If We Want To Be Healthy

laitman_561The coronavirus scatters us in different directions and says: “If you want to be healthy, you cannot be in contact with each other. Do not come closer than two meters, keep your distance.”

However, many jobs will not be able to continue in this manner, and human society will not be able to function normally: the country, the family, and the world. What is to be done?

You can come closer to each other but only if you wish good for your neighbor. If I get closer to another person not to use him, but for his benefit, then I will begin to see that the virus in this form is not contagious, it does not separate us, but it allows us to connect. It is only because we approach each other driven by self-interest and by wanting to use others that the virus begins to infect us and cause disease between us.

The contradiction is in the fact that from nature’s point of view, we are all connected to each other, but our own inner nature rejects this mutual dependence, it recognizes only a self-serving connection. If we want to unite for the common benefit so that everyone is happy, the virus will not interfere with us. On the contrary, it will become useful and will only strengthen our connection.

However, do not expect that the coronavirus will allow us to get closer to each other and find a vaccine against it if we do not change ourselves. After all, if we just go back to the old way, why did it appear?

The virus will leave us only if we change our attitude toward nature. It shows that egoists like us should not get close to each other, and it sends us home in quarantine. It gives us an opportunity to get acquainted with a new reality.

The coronavirus says: “Do you think we should open more and more new businesses? Wrong! Stop ravaging the world, stop poisoning the air and water. You must build a new life in a new way.”

In nature, there is a formula of balance between all its parts. We can see it in all the laws of nature: physical, chemical, biological, and zoological. All the laws are based on the balance of positive and negative forces, plus and minus, good and evil, bestowal and reception.

Therefore, we will not be able to do anything against the coronavirus. We have crossed the red line by throwing nature out of balance, we polluted the oceans and the atmosphere. Everything that people have touched with their dirty hands is soiled. We need to correct our attitude toward nature and toward each other.

I do not think that there is a quick solution. Most likely, the coronavirus will stay with us for many months. There are several ways to resist the virus: introduce a general quarantine, as has been done in most countries, or continue with life as usual and hope the epidemic will eventually end by itself, as they decided to do in Sweden.

Yet, the only effective method is to change the nature of man, our attitude to general nature, to the inanimate, vegetative, and animate world, and especially to the relations between people.

Humanity must exist as an integral part of the entire reality, that is, to act for the benefit of it instead of destroying our poor Earth. We will all have to learn how to treat nature as a living organism and maintain balance by clear formulas.

The goal of the coronavirus is to change human nature. After all, human beings are the only element of nature that harms it. We alone are not in balance with nature.

Human beings have freewill and are not controlled by natural instincts like inanimate matter, plants, and animals. This is why we must take  control of ourselves on our own, and this has not been done in any country. Therefore, the virus will not go anywhere yet.

What should we do to make the virus disappear? It is very simple. Nature is an integral system where all parts are connected and support each other. Humanity also needs to become a part of this system that supports, binds, balances, and promotes even greater integration of all elements of nature. This is our responsibility as human beings.

We have great power and must treat nature with care, like a mother, like a perfect integral system. If we do this consciously and with understanding, we will live happily. If not, new viruses will come, one after another, until they wipe us off the face of the earth.
From KabTV”s “Global Perspective,” 4/10/20

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There Is No Return To The Past World

laitman_623Coronavirus will help humanity to start thinking about its future instead of thinking about what to buy and how to have fun. The virus has already done its job and has cleared our thoughts.

Now we just need to figure out where we are going. Today we do not need to explain to anyone that our life is worth nothing, the virus has already explained everything to us. But the question remains: What should this life be aimed at?

Building a group, a spiritual Partzuf, is the same as building a temple, the house of the Creator, in which the quality of bestowal, the force of love that unites us together, that is, the upper force, can reside.

But I see that yesterday I strove for such an attitude and thought about it, and today I do not want anything. I wake up in the morning without any desire to see anyone. We have a meeting with our friends at noon and I do not want to meet with them. What should I do?

It is written that every day we should build the temple anew. It is a good thing that it disappears; it is a sign of progress if all yesterday’s achievements disappear like water in the sand and you have to start all over again.

Then I work again and again on building the temple, the ten, in order to include as much as possible, the whole world, where everyone acts in mutual bestowal and love. In this temple, the force of love and bestowal, which is called the Creator, will reign and fill all desires united by love.

Do not think it is too far away from us. Who could have imagined that the coronavirus would come and change our whole world, our whole life? Huge factories, banks, corporations, billions of dollars, armies, everything that humanity has built for thousands of years is now disappearing. There will be nothing left. They will not be able to continue to operate after the virus disappears. The virus will change our entire life, erasing everything old.

Thus, the virus creates an empty space in humanity that we need to fill with love and care for each other, with the attainment of the force of bestowal that is unfolding between us. We may think that we cannot do this, but we can do it. All we have to do is open a small hole the size of an eye of a needle and the Creator will open the gate to a new world for us.

Gradually, we will feel that the whole world is included in the ten. The more we try to influence the world from the ten, the more all the forces will be concentrated within the ten. As a result, the ten will contain all reality, including the Creator.

First of all, I advise you to forget everything that was. Financial crises and other problems are all in the past and there is no return. We must understand that the old world will not return! What will the new world be like? The way we will build it.

Therefore, we must once and for all stop lamenting about the past; the old world no longer exists in nature. There are no systems that would allow us to return to the pre-crisis state and to function as before. Furthermore, if any of these systems still remain, we need to get rid of them, to clear the place.

The world will be completely new, God forbid it would keep the old form. After all, it was facing complete collapse, it was on the threshold of world war and environmental disasters. So why regret what was? We need to build a new world!

In any case, it will be built, but it is better that it will be built according to our desire so that we will want this construction and will help it. This is called “making your desire like the desire of the Creator.” This is what we need to do, and then we will succeed. And if we do not, will we fall back into bad habits and repeat the same mistakes?

We have built a system in our world that we have only confused ourselves with. The system required us to fly from one end of the world to the other, to work continuously, and to send our children to different activities so that they would not suffer from their parents not being at home.

We built a system that deceived us, that created the illusion we were living. We became slaves to this system: we started it, but it tied us up. Isn’t that enough?

The system could no longer continue to work. Look at what has become of “united Europe,” what terrible mistakes they made on the way, taking in strangers. There are many more examples: America is torn by disputes between liberals and conservatives, Russia and Ukraine, which have become enemies, the Israeli – Arab conflict, just look at what we have come to.

We must think of a new world. The virus gives us this opportunity, but we have to help it. We cannot dream of returning to the old world, we can only look forward to the new one. The new world should be a world of bestowal, love, and mutual care. I really hope that the virus will not pass without a trace and that it will lead us to a new world. Yet, this is only possible if we want the new world and will ask for this to happen.

Our prayer is very important, because apart from our Bnei Baruch group, there is no one to ask the Creator to strengthen the forces of bestowal. This is exactly the state of Passover when “And the children of Israel sighed from the labor, and they cried out, and their cry ascended to God from the labor.” Let’s hope that this will happen.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/19/20

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Why Is Nature Punishing Us With Coronavirus?

laitman_293The more we develop, the stricter nature demands that we keep balance between reception and bestowal. We are unable to keep the balance, and so the more we advance, the more we suffer.

These are not evil forces that are turning against us, but the imbalance between the forces of reception and bestowal are becoming larger and larger. The force of reception, the will to enjoy, constantly grows, but it is not compensated, corrected, by the desire to bestow. This is why nature, as if, punishes us. It is not a primitive system where we receive punishment instantly and would understand what is happening, like if you put your hand in fire, you would get burned so you know next time not to do it. But the system of nature is enormous and very complex and so when we receive a negative reaction somewhere, we don’t exactly know where it comes from and why.

It follows that learning doesn’t come easy to us. Humanity hasn’t realized yet that egoism harms it and causes all misfortunes in the world. We don’t blame our own egoism, which constantly grows in us, commands us, and forces us to receive always only for our own sake by any means. We are not able to understand this, and everyone thinks that everything is fine with him or her.

Humanity does not see that its will to enjoy is the evil force. Moreover, egoism is the engine of progress and without it it is impossible not to return to the caves. Therefore, we have no choice but to develop our egoistic desire more and more and try to give it the various satisfactions it demands.

Lately, we have been running ahead fueling the consumer desire ourselves in order to sell more and gain more in our egos. This defines our generation: we no longer produce products that are essential to life, but we get very sophisticated in trying to fulfill the whims of our reckless egoism.

This is what nature is punishing us for, we use our hypertrophied, unbridled will to enjoy that demands things that are totally unnecessary for life. The will to receive is part of nature and it turns out that we use nature incorrectly. Instead of bringing the system of nature into harmony, we use the will to receive at our whim and bring nature out of balance.

Instead of keeping the correct balance between the force of reception and the force of bestowal, we create imbalances in one direction or another and thereby distort nature. As a result, various pests break out to us from nature. We open the door for them ourselves through our incorrect relationships with each other.

Where did the coronavirus come from or other viruses that will manifest in the future? It is only from the incorrect, egoistic connection between all parts of human society.

We are at the highest degree of nature, thus by our twisted relationships we cause distortions at the lower levels: the animate, vegetative, and even inanimate nature. At the still level we see that the entire globe is exploding from cataclysms: typhoons, volcanic eruptions, global warming, or glaciation.

Distortions at the vegetative level will bring us to the point where we won’t have anything to eat. At the animate level we will see the outbreak of various viruses, and there might be thousands of them. Besides, we are yet to see the infestation of locusts, like in the Egyptian plagues.

We cause all these plagues with our own hands by relating to each other in a distorted way. By this we engender all sorts of ugly manifestations at the lower levels that consume all the results of our labor like a cancerous tumor.

Under such circumstances, the coronavirus is a correction, compensation, for the distortions we produce at the spiritual degree in the connection between us. As a result, the distortions of even lower levels are being revealed, and force us to change to the side of correction.

Thanks to the coronavirus, we already manufacture fewer goods, travel less, and have less fun. Humanity has calmed down and appeased its arrogant selfishness that is destroying the entire planet.

If the epidemic gets worse, the world will stop completely: everyone will stay at home instead of flying from one end of the world to the other, we will stop doing all sorts of stupid things.

Yesterday, the news showed a completely empty airport.

This is a correction; why do people need to rush someplace? Now we will have time to think about why we are doing this. Suddenly, we will get terrified: What we are doing? Why did we go somewhere and spend money we had to earn by loading ourselves with additional work?

Now we can sit down quietly and think. Indeed, there is something to think about. We can communicate with each other, do something useful. What is the benefit of staring at some stones in Rome or Paris? I’d rather look at my friends, neighbors, and family. Finally, I will see my children because I’ve already forgotten what they look like and their names.

I will ask my son: ”Dearest, how is it going at school?” And he will answer: ”We haven’t been going to school for a long time already, we study online.” This way we will have time to chat a bit and to get to know each other.

It turns out that this is a correction. It is useful for humanity to stop and feel its powerlessness and inability to control everything. It is possible to stop us in a second and do anything with us.

If tomorrow a virus appears in agriculture, what will we eat? This is what we should be thinking about instead of killing each other and playing political games. You cannot act in egoism if you have nothing to eat. Then we will start thinking about life, not about controlling the whole world, each in their own arrogance.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/5/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Peace”

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Coronavirus Сomes From The Future

laitman_961.2Coronavirus will help oblige us to connect more with each other. This seems paradoxical because we now see that the communities where there were closer connections between people were hit hardest by the virus. How does a virus help us connect if it divides us?

This happened because we were united on the basis of egoistic desires. But if we connect only in order to help each other, to acquire a common mind and feeling, a common understanding and attainment, then we will rise above the virus.

Nature did not give the virus the task to divide us. The virus separates us only because we are egoists and want to harm each other. But if we want to connect, then the virus will not act against us. It does not work that way. The virus proceeds from the general law of the universe, where all the opposing forces of nature are connected together into one whole, including people connected as one person.

The coronavirus comes as if from the future, from our more advanced state. It turns out that it is moving us forward to tomorrow, into a state of unity and understanding that we belong to one nature and are obligated to become one person with one heart. And the virus will certainly do its job.
From KabTV’s “Global Perspectives,” 4/10/20

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“If We Take Care Of Ourselves First, We’ll Aid Nature” (Newsmax)

My article in Newsmax: “If We Take Care of Ourselves First, We’ll Aid Nature

A little while ago, The Guardian interviewed the U.N.’s environment chief, Inger Andersen. According to the paper, Andersen said that nature is sending us a message with the coronavirus pandemic, that humanity was placing too many pressures on the natural world with damaging consequences. Andersen warned that failing to take care of the planet meant not taking care of ourselves.

It is true that we are placing too many pressures on nature. It is also true that these pressures are destroying our environment and harming ourselves. But in my view, Ms. Andersen’s words embody our biggest mistake: Saying that failing to take care of the planet means not taking care of ourselves puts the cart before the horse. It is ourselves, our relationships with one another that we should tend to first. Only when we learn to care for one another will we learn to care for nature. Only when we learn the meaning of social responsibility will we be able to practice global responsibility. As long as we exploit one another, we will exploit nature just as much.

The coronavirus is sending us more than one message. Stay home and keep away from one another is only the beginning. This is stage one, where nature speaks to us like a reproving parent: “You’ve been bad to one another so go to your separate rooms.” Now that we have been forced to practice social distancing, it is time to take the next lesson: getting closer correctly.

The Big Cleanup

To “clean us up” from occupations that revert us to our previous ties, nature, via its faithful messenger COVID-19, will make certain that we cannot return to our past engagements. It will continue to haunt us until we accept the new reality, admit that we were wrong, and ask how nature wants us to behave.

When we accept that the problem is with us, we will see that replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy will not solve a thing. Indeed, we are ruining the planet through exaggerated use of fossil fuels, wood, pollution of fresh water bodies and oceans, depletion of natural resources, extinction of animals and destruction of wildlife habitats.

But we do all that not because we’re unaware of the harm that we are doing; we do it because we do not care. We do not need to help nature; we need to change our own nature. If we don’t want to change, nature will compel us to in its own way. COVID-19 is but the prelude, not a standalone opera. If we don’t understand the message it is sending us, this opera will become a very sad tragedy.

So now that we have been separated, let us learn how to connect properly. The first rule of thumb is that if it’s more than you really need, it is too much, and it’s exploitative to nature and to other people. The second rule of thumb is that whatever I do, whether it’s giving or receiving, I do in order to benefit all of society.

Just as nature is one inclusive system, we must develop an inclusive worldview that takes into account all people. Society knows what it needs and rewards those who contribute to it with respect and praise. Gradually, these accolades will replace the prevailing self-centered tokens of success such as extravagant wealth, power and a false sense of superiority.

By carefully planning our steps toward a world of positive connections, we will build a world that is in every sense higher than our grim reality. By cultivating ties of friendship and mutual responsibility toward each other, we will be able to bid farewell to the old world.

Indeed, it is infinitely more satisfying to feel the whole of society, and through it, the whole of reality, rather than limit the world to the reality perceived when all I have in mind is me.

Nature, aka reality, is ushering us into a world where we can choose to be good students and learn easily and pleasantly, or rebellious children who learn against their will, but still thank their teacher in the end. Whichever the case, nature will not ease up on us until we learn.

What Is The Property Of Connection?

laitman_232.08Question: What is the property of connection?

Answer: The property of connection is when we try to unite above our egoism despite everyone’s ego. You are an egoist, I am an egoist, but we try to suppress our egoism, and we set ourselves up for connection between us instead. Tuning to connection is the spiritual Kli (vessel).

What we receive above our egoism is called “faith above reason.” Only in this way can we receive the upper light. The upper light cannot enter into the desire itself, but it enters into the intention to unite.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/16/20

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What Desires Do We Work With?

laitman_627.1Question: What desires should we connect together: desires for spirituality or any desires?

Answer: Only for spirituality. The remaining desires disinterest us. They are all different. And why would we care about them?

You have some aspirations in life; for example, to become a musician or a shoemaker. It does not matter. I care only about your attitude to the Creator. Only with this intention, with this desire of yours, I want to be in closeness. And all the other desires do not concern me because they are all corporeal.

I am not interested in what you do: family, work, hobbies. For me, only one thing is important: your aim toward the Creator, and my aim toward the Creator. If we combine them together, we will become stronger and be closer to receiving the upper light from Him.

Question: If someone in this chain has no desire to reveal the Creator, then can this affect the whole system completely?

Answer: No. These desires cannot affect the system. Of course, random people might be between us, but they do not affect the others because each person connects according to their desire. And if they do not have a real desire for spirituality, then they don’t seem to connect to us. They exist in their animal form, but in spirituality, they are not with us.

Question: There are stronger and weaker spiritual desires. Do they absorb each other?

Answer: Nobody absorbs anything or anybody because all desires are completely different. They are unlike each other. The only thing they can do is connect together.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/16/20

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When Someone Leaves The Group

laitman_568.01Question: What happens to the point in the heart if someone comes to the group with enthusiasm and after some time leaves for some reason? Is it possible to see what happens to his point in the heart?

Answer: Of course. Unfortunately, there are such cases. If someone leaves the group, it means that he goes back to this lowest world, and refuses spiritual advancement. As a rule, this comes from the fact that his pride will disallow him to lower himself before his friends and join the group.

He needs to understand that no matter how low, small, or insignificant the group might seem to him, he must lower himself, enter into it, and be together with everyone on an equal or even lower level.

Read what Rabash writes about inclusion in the group.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabballah,” 2/9/20

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