Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 10

laitman_278.03What it Takes to Defeat the Coronavirus

Question: As a Kabbalist, do you see the blows awaiting us, I mean the ten Egyptian plagues, that is ten blows on the egoism of all of humanity? What lies ahead?

Answer: We do not have to go through all ten blows. We have already been through them in the past, and therefore, they cannot be as powerful today as they were in Egypt.

We need only a few serious hints, to be pricked like a donkey that is prodded with a sharp stick to make it go forward. We need this incentive in order to advance correctly.

I hope that maybe this virus in addition to our explanations will be enough. It is quite possible that humanity is already able to draw the right conclusions in some way.

Here, a lot depends on governments. They are the first who start to think seriously about it because the virus affects the entire economy.

Question: What advice would you give governments?

Answer: I would advise them to become smarter and understand that humanity’s development is not in their hands; therefore, they should listen to what the Kabbalists say.

Question: What about people who are now sitting at home in isolation? What should they do?

Answer: I wish for people to understand that positive relationships are the best, surest, and only medicine that can lead us to goodness and well-being.

Question: In other words, people who stay at home should simply understand that the plan for the development of nature is in the correct connections between us. It is nature that generates problems and disasters at all levels. And from us all that is needed is a mutual reaction. If there is a reaction, the problems decrease; if there is no reaction, the problems and pressure increase. Did I understand correctly?

Answer: Yes. We just need to get closer to each other in our feelings in a good way, and that’s it. Good luck to all of us in this!
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality,” 3/12/2020

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