Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 2

laitman_294.2“Disperse the wicked; better for them and better for the world.”

Comment: The measures taken by many governments against coronavirus have literally paralyzed people’s lives.

My Response: Governments are very afraid for their fellow citizens. We must understand that they are responsible for the health of the population and for the economy. And the economy is completely dependent on our relations and international trade. This is a huge headache for governments. If they already decided to cut all ties, it means that they have no other choice.

For example, just the other day, US President Trump announced that he is canceling all flights from the United States to Europe. Do you understand what this means for the US aviation industry? Certainly, he takes this into account, especially since he has an election coming up.

He probably has data that confirms that I am not exaggerating. He would have liked to make a more lenient decision, but obviously he has such information that he has to stop flights.

Comment: The same is happening in the country where I live. Israel is completely isolated. You cannot leave the country. I have heard that this fact alone causes a loss of four billion shekels, not to mention all the rest.

My Response: Some people think this is an exaggeration. I think that it is underestimated.

Question: It turns out that the only way to fight the virus is by isolation. However, this is against the tendency of the laws of nature, which constantly pushes us to unite, to integrate. How can you explain this?

Answer: Very simply. It is written in an ancient Kabbalistic source, “Disperse the wicked; better for them and better for the world.” And vice versa, “Assemble the righteous; better for them and better for the world.”

Question: What is our sin?

Answer: It is in the fact that we do not connect correctly. In our connection, we do not wish each other well; therefore, this cannot be called unity. This can only be called a desire to profit at the expense of others.

Therefore, in our development, nature cannot accept such attempts to unite, to trade, and so on as positive, correct, and leading to a more unified state that it set for us. It believes that such a connection is harmful to us and to the entire universe. Therefore, it gives us a hard time in the form of viruses and all sorts of unpleasant excesses. These blows will continue until we change our attitude to each other.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Is Changing Reality, Part 2,” 3/12/20

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