Staying On The Spiritual Path

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It hurts when a person works for years and all of a sudden after 12 to 13 years and even more, he leaves the spiritual path.

Answer: In such cases we should check why a person cannot go on working and what the reason is for his leaving. Perhaps he found himself in a situation where he had to annul himself before the group but couldn’t do that. This is the most difficult thing.

Question: But he has heard about it every day for 13 years.

Answer: He probably didn’t hear it. This can happen even to people who have been with us for even longer than 13 years. I know it from my experience of working with my students.

The main thing is to constantly focus on the goal, to check it every day and to see whether you are using the means that lead you to it. If you do, then you should concede despite your doubts and against your desire.

Question: If a person tries, has searched, has been to different places, and then came back to us, he still has to hold on to something. I know from my own experience that our work is not easy.

Answer: The point is that today this type of work is not so complicated any more since the world is showing you that there is nothing it can offer anyway. This is the first point

Second, there are already hundreds of thousands following this path.

Third, it is a logical path since it develops in your heart and mind on every level that you go through, revealing the whole wisdom.

The most important thing is that today you can start fulfilling it directly on yourself, but only if you truly understand that everything depends on the connection between people, on the law of “Love thy friend as thyself.”

If you come to another place, you have to check this immediately since the revelation of the Creator can only be in the attribute of “love thy friend as thyself,” as we read in the sources. What can we do in order to attain this attribute? Do we follow the instructions of our teachers? Do we actually perform what they say, even if it is merely mechanically? If we do, we can go on checking. If we don’t, then we should immediately leave all that.

Question: A person still looks for some mechanical support in the Mitzvot (commandments) that he observes.

Answer: That is his own business. No one forbids him from doing that. But if we work for the whole world, we cannot afford doing so in the form that exists in the religious environment and we cannot necessarily observe the Mitzvot so scrupulously as they do. After all, when a person engages in internal work he is more inclined to put an emphasis on the inner work rather than the external work; it is inevitable.

If a person knew the people who seem to be observing the Mitzvot from the inside, it would be easier for him to understand that their actions are empty. But he only sees the externality and believes that there is something there.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/29/13

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  1. please expand on the idea of not following the mitzvot so scrupulously

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